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> Commercialization of Research Developments Division

Head of the division Levkina Olga Yurevna


Scope ofactivity:

intellectual property registration;
the introduction of research and development into the real sector of the economy together with the technopark USU high technologies;
collection, processing and analysis of the needs of industrial enterprises and organizations of the region in high-end high-tech solutions;
accounting of business contracts for R & D performed by USU.

Over the entire period of its existence, Ulyanovsk State University received 312 (267 + 45)copyright protection documents confirming the intellectual property right to the results of intellectual activity, identified during the implementation of research, development and technological work, as well as in the organization of students’ research work. Among the received protection documents, 58RF patents for invention, 133RF patents for utility models, 120 certificates of state registration of computer programs, 1certificate of state registration of a database, 2certificates of state registration of a trademark. It should be noted that in the last three years (from 2015to 2017), the number of applications submitted for the registration of intellectual property results has remained at a consistently high level (about 50 applications per year).

In 2017, scientists of the university received 45protection documents for intellectual property objects, including 27patents for inventions and utility models and 17certificates for computer programs, 1certificate for the Nexus Medicus trademark. At the same time, in 201754 applications for protection documents for intellectual property objects were submitted.

At the moment, the university is submitting documents for 55utility models patents and 34patents for inventions.

Contact information:

Address: 42, L. Tolstoy St., Ulyanovsk, room 26

Phone: (8422) 41-2086, extension number 3

E-mail: LevkinaOYu@ulsu.ru

Appointment hours: 9.0016.00