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> Department of Postgraduate Professional Education

The main function implemented by the Department of postgraduate education is organization of the USU activity to prepare and certify scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel. In accordance with the key guidelines the Department solves the following problems:

  • organization of the admission campaign in USU postgraduate and doctoral studies;
  • registration of trained graduate students, doctoral candidate and competitors;
  • organization of educational process;
  • organization and supervision of graduate students, doctoral candidate and competitors certification;
  • defence planning (together with the heads of departments and institutes);
  • control over the dissertation plans implementation of the employees, translated on a post of the senior scientific staff to complete work over doctor dissertations;
  • conclusion of agreements with individuals and legal entities on the postgraduate, doctoral candidate training and competitors of scientific degrees;
  • analysis of the training system effectiveness, scientific staff certification and improvement proposals preparation;
  • provides organizational and methodological work in the dissertation councils, created by USU, including design of the attestation affairs applicants and documentation on dissertations protection;
  • provides storage of the second instances attestation affairs in accordance with the established requirements;
  • prepares documents for licensing and opening of new postgraduate and doctoral studies specialties at USU;
  • prepares documents on the opening and changing existing Dissertation Council of USU formulations in cooperation with the other units.

Head of the Department Yermolaeva Svetlana Vyacheslavovna

Chief specialist: Vasilevskaya Tatyana Mikhailovna

Chief expert: Hayrutdinova Alfiya Yusupovna