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> Department of computer classes

The main areas of activity are:

to provide the educational process (laboratory classes, course and diploma design) with computers in accordance with the curricula;
to provide computers and software for independent work of students and postgraduate students of the university by teachers’ request in accordance with the standards approved by the instruction department.
to install software products in accordance with the applications of teachers;
to maintain the system and application software of the educational process;
to provide access to computer classes in accordance with the Regulations for working in computer classes and "Instruction on labor protection for users of computer classes";
technical maintenance and support of local networks in computer classes together with the Center for Telecommunications and Internet Technologies;
professional maintenance of equipment in computer classes.

Kalenova Valentina Nikolaevna
Head of the Department


Contact information:
Address:, River Sviyaga Embankment St., Ulyanovsk, building. 1, room 309
Phone: (8422) 37-2449, internal: 226
E-mail: cclasses@ulsu.ru
Appointment hours: 09-00 17-00