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>  Pre-University Training Center

The pre-university training center of Ulyanovsk State University solves the problems associated with attracting talented young people, their career guidance and pre-university training aimed at creating optimal conditions for the successful completion of secondary education and adaptation to further successful studies at the university.

The center provides preparatory courses of various types for school students of 11th, 10th, 9th grads, students of educational institutions of secondary vocational education, as well as people who already have higher education, allowing them to qualitatively prepare for passing the unified state exam, the unified state exam and entering university, including in various areas of master programs. Classes at the courses are taught by university teachers, including reputable experts with many years of experience working with applicants. Effective teaching methods allow students to significantly master substantive knowledge, fill in the existing gaps, and successfully pass exams.

Students of preparatory courses are given the opportunity to choose subjects and training programs, as well as the opportunity to participate in career counseling activities conducted by the preeminent university of the region.

To complete the contract, a parent's passport, a student’s passport and 1photo 3×4 in size are required.

The structural unit of the Center for Pre-University Training of the Department of Pre-University Education is the basic department of pedagogy of physical-mathematical and information-technological pre-university education at the Lyceum of Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science No. 40of Ulyanovsk.

The purpose of the specialized department is to participate in the educational process of preparing potential university entrants, organizing applied pedagogical education and pedagogical practice for USU students majoring in pedagogy.

Azizova Gulnara Nurislamovna



Mitrofanova Anastasia Andreyevna
Leading Specialist


Contact information:
Address: 42, Lev Tolstoy St., room 22
432017,Ulyanovsk, Russian Federation

Phone: (8422) 41-2817(ext. 307)
E-mail: dovuz@ulsu.ru
Appointment hours: Mon -That. from 09:00 −17: 00, Fri. from 09: 0016: 00