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> Office of Pre-University Education

Head of the office- Zharkov Alexander Valentinovich


The system of pre-university education at Ulyanovsk State University includes work of various training courses, professional orientation activity and advertizing work to enroll prospective students and is designed to assist young people in choosing their future program of study and to be prepared thoroughly for entrance tests at higher educational institutions.

Instruction at training courses is conducted on entrance tests subjects: on mathematics, Russian, preparation for the final compulsory composition, information science, literature, social science, history, physics, biology, chemistry, geography, English, German, practical training in the field of designing (drawing, painting, composition), acting skills.

Training courses for school students of the 9th, 10th, 11th grades are the most common form of training for future applicants. Training is conducted in the evening. Now this form has been updated with an entrance and final assessment of knowledge.

Programs of training at courses provide not only a survey and revision of the school program, but also the analysis of subtleties of passing EGE/OGE and analysis of typical mistakes which are often made by prospective students.

The main objective of the Office of Pre-university education is to prepare a comprehensively developed, competitive prospective student, capable and willing to study, aiming constantly at self-improving and developing personal and professional knowledge and skills.

Office of Pre-university education integrates all forms of pre-university preparation for the purpose of creating the required conditions to be admitted to higher education institutions, of vocational guidance of pupils, development of their creative abilities.

Contact information:

Address: 42, Leo Tolstoy Street, 432017, Ulyanovsk, room 22

Phone: (8422) 41-2817

Email: dovuz@ulsu.ru

Appointment hours: Mon Thur. 09:00 −17:00, Fri. 09:0016:00