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> Control and Audit Department

Functions of the Control and audit department are:

tocontrol over the use of federal budget funds, extra-budgetary funds, including those allocated for the performance of work, the acquisition of goods and the provision of services;
to control the procedures for the preparation and execution of estimates of USU income and expenses, the validity of the calculations of estimated figures;
to control the targeted use of property, inventory items held on the USU balance;
to control (budget) accounting reports and the reliability of accounting (budget) statements;
to monitor the compliance with the procurement procedures for goods, works and services for the needs of USU, including anti-corruption expertise;
to prepare proposals aimed at improving the effectiveness (efficiency and economy) of the use of budgetary and extra-budgetary funds;
to develop and introduce proposals on the application of criteria for assessing the quality of financial management;
proposals to strengthen financial and economic discipline.

Tsyplova Maria Alexandrovna
Head of the Department


Contact information

Address: 42, Leo Tolstoy St., room 28, Ulyanovsk, 432017
Phone: 8(8422) 41-06-85
E-mail: KRO_2018@bk.ru
Appointment hours: Mon Th. 08:30 −17: 30, Fri 08:30 - 16:30