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The USU Media Center incorporates a full-format closed-circuit television studio in which one can shoot a program of any complexity, a communication block of the Internet streaming broadcasting and an educational audience in which one can master production, directing, moderation and the creation of full-fledged multimedia and television programs as a result of practice. Programs are recorded and broadcast in the format of a talk show in the media center studio. The "Place for Discussion" project provides a platform for discussion on air of the most difficult, controversial and socially significant problems to the most renowned and competent specialists. Guests are politicians, bloggers, public figures of the region, and, of course, specialists of Ulyanovsk State University. The second project Face to Face gives an opportunity to scientists, politicians and public figures to express their opinion on various issues.

The USU Medical Center is a platform for acquiring knowledge and skills in journalistic work for students of the relevant program.
Head of the Department, Director Samartsev Oleg Robertovich

Contact information:

The address: 5, Vodoprovodnaya St.,Ulyanovsk.
Phone: 8(8422) 37-63-27
E-mail: olegsamar@rambler.ru
Appointment hours: Mon-Fri. from 9to 17