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> Department of marketing and sociological researches

Existence and activities of such a large-scale educational division as Ulyanovsk State University is impossible without critical and objective work evaluation of the university. This function is assigned to the department of marketing and social researches. The department has been operating more than 10years. The purpose of its activities is to organize and participate in carrying out complex researches of the regional educational market, opinion of consumers about the services provided by USU, opinion of employees, the faculty, students, entrants, graduate students for the purpose of strengthening competitiveness of the university, fixing positive changes and identification of the delicate points requiring attention.


Head of the department Olga Anatolyevna Elkina

Address: 4a, Pushkinskaya St., Ulyanovsk, room 116

Phone: (8422) 32-0693.

E-mail: dobrayolga@mail.ru.