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> Sector of the Schedule Service

Sector of the Schedule Service

The work of the Sector comprises:

1. control of the correspondence of the schedules of the training sessions, the list of examinations and examinations, the timetable of the examination sessions and the schedule of the state examinations to the general requirements and work plans of the training areas (programs).
2. control of readiness of institutes and faculties for examination sessions.
3. checking the readiness of the university's auditor fund by the beginning of each semester.
4. coordination of the work of economic services to prepare the auditor fund for the beginning of the academic year.
5. analysis of the availability and workload of the university's auditorium, the effectiveness of the use of classrooms, language laboratories and other classrooms, display classes.
6. preparation of materials on the use of the audit fund at the sessions of the administration, the Academic Council.
7. record-keeping of  training areas.
8. preparation of information on training areas for statistical reports.

Head of the Sector - Kulbachnaya Galina Leonidovna


Contact information:

Address: 42, L.Tolstoy St., Ulyanovsk,  room 38, 432017, the Volga Federal District, the Ulyanovsk Region,
Phone: (8422) 41-28-24
E-mail: ucho@ulsu.ru
Appointment hours: 9:00 — 16:30