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> Office of Curriculum and Instruction

Office of Curriculum and Instruction a structural division of the Office of the Senior Vice-Rector Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of Ulyanovsk State University.

The head of the Office Parkhomenko Tatyana Borisovna


Objectives and activity areas

Main objective of the Office activity is to organize educational process aimed at satisfying the needs of students, teachers, consumers with the results of the University's activity.

Major objectives of the Administration are: to ensure educational process according to standards;
to organize and maintain educational process;
to provide information and analytical support for educational process;
to facilitate the enrollment of students;
to maintain the statistical reporting;
to provide employment of graduates;
to ensure licensing of new educational programs;
to promote certification and accreditation of educational programs.

Structure of the Office

The following divisions compose the Office:

Department of methodical, information and analytical work and monitoring of educational process;
Department of work with students;
Department of work with teaching staff;
Sector of fulfilling service;
Center of assistance to employment of graduates.

Contact information:

Address: 42, L. Tolstoy Str., 432970, Ulyanovsk, rooms 35a, 35b, 37, 38.

The chief of the Curriculum and Instruction Administration

Parkhomenko Tatyana Borisovna (room 38) 41-2824.

Sector of dispatching service (room 38) 41-2824.

Sector manager Kulbachnaya Galina Leonidovna.

Department of methodical, information and analytical work
and monitoring of educational process (room 35a) 41-2076.

Manager of the department Kuramshina Irina Viktorovna.

Center of assistance to employment of graduates (room 35a) 41-2076.

The director of the center Yurina Vera Aleksandrovna.

Department of work with students (room 35b) 41-2081.

Manager. department Sedova Irina Evgenyevna.

Department of work with teaching staff (room 37) 41-2089.

Manager of the department Nikitina Olga Borisovna.

E-mail: ucho@ulsu.ru