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> Department for work with students

The work of the   department  embraces:

1. Organization of the university’s educational process, control over  the deans’ activities in organizing and providing the educational process at the faculties.
2. Control of the change in the number of the student contingent and of the student groups during the academic year.
3. Recording  the movement of the student contingent (transfer, withdrawal, reinstatement, provision of academic leaves, etc.).
4. Control over the organization and course of the examination sessions, the synthesis and analysis of the results of examination sessions.
5. Maintenance of statistical accounting and reporting on the contingent of students, their movement, academic performance and other indicators.
6. Organization and monitoring of student testing.
7. Preparation together with the Admissions Committee the control figures of the admission plan and the list of admission tests to the university for approval at the Academic Council.
8. Participation in the development of in-house normative documentation regulating the planning, implementation and monitoring of the university's educational process.
9. Collection and preparation of documents for granting personal scholarships.
10. Implementation of prospective and current tasks of the Rector, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs.
11. Paper and office work on the issues of academic activity in accordance with the established requirements for the established nomenclature.
12. Development and order of educational, planning and reporting documentation for faculties and departments.
13. Participation in the creation, implementation and maintenance of databases related to the movement of student contingents. 

Head of the department
Chekhonina Natalia Vladimirovna

Contact information:

Address: 42, L.Tolstoy St., Ulyanovsk, room 35-b, 432017, the Volga Federal District, Ulyanovsk Region,
Phone: (8422) 41-20-81
E-mail: ucho@ulsu.ru
Appointment hours: 9:00 - 16:30