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> Medical and biological objects modeling laboratory

The laboratory for modeling medical and biological objects  was founded in March, 2013 at Ulyanovsk State University (USU).

The main objective of the laboratory is to integrate  mathematical, information and medical and biological research and developmental work designed to provide a high level of natural science researches and development in the field of studying  medical and biological objects with modern analytical stochastic methods and methods of stochastic imitation modeling and also their management. 

Proceeding from the purposes, the laboratory solves the following problems:

-development of methods and implementation of imitation modeling;

-development of modern stochastic methods of researches into medical and biological objects;

-development of methods and implementation of imitation modeling;

-research and development in the field of current medical and biological and information  technologies;

-researches by means of modern stochastic analytical methods of medical and biological objects.


Main activities:

* computer modeling in biology and medicine;

* creating  computer mini-programs of household health monitoring;

* 3D - simulation in anatomy;

* writing programs to compare ages of animals and person.


Assistant to the Rector, Professor, Head of the department

Butov Alexander Aleksandrovich


Contact information:

Address: 42, L. Tolstoy St., 432063, Ulyanovsk,

Phone: (8422) 37-24–73 (ext. 1).

E–mail: simlab@ulsu.ru

Appointment hours:  Wednesday, 10:30 — 12:00.