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> Center of Quality Management

The center of quality management (further — CQM) is the structural division of the university comprising the office of the first Vice-Rector – Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs.

Main objective of the Center is to set up, ensuring functioning and continuous enhancement of the quality management system at the university. In view of the purpose the main objectives of activities of CQM are:

• to develop proposals of maintaining and improving the quality management system in educational services provision  and research activities according to the requirements of  international and national standards;

• to develop proposals on ensuring infrastructure of the quality management system;

• to monitor the quality of  educational services offered and results of research activities;

• to search for new ideas, methods, technologies and means in the sphere of quality management, their adaptation to the university setting;

• to provide information support of CQM;

• to standardize the activities of the university;

• to prepare the quality management system of the university for certified (recertification) and inspection checks.

According to the main objectives the CQM carries out the following functions:

• to prepare the proposals and implementation of actions for development, documentation, implementation, maintenance in working order and to improvement of quality management system on the basis of new versions of the ISO standards of a series 9000, standards and the directives ENQA and other standards of management systems;

• to coordinate and control  development and support of documentation to carry out planning, to analyze the results of operation and development of actions to improve processes and types of activity at the university taking into account the analysis results of requirements and consumer expectations;

• to develop internal regulating documents of CQM;

• to check and  verify QM documents for full conformity to requirements of STO-3-01–06 «Management of QM documents»;

• to implement a constant control over availability and use of internal QM documents in work of structural divisions;

• to ensure content management at the university information portal tqm.ulsu.ru.

• to make up computer bases of standards and other regulating and methodical documents of the university;

• methodical maintenance of works on standardization at the university;

• the organization of staff training in the field of quality;

• the organization and holding meetings with representatives for quality;

• rendering the consulting and methodical help to divisions of USU in the field of quality management on issues: developments of new and review of the acting documents QM on the basis of the principles and basic provisions of the international and national standards, developments of offers on reengineering of processes of the university, ensuring functioning of quality management system and fixed improvement of its productivity;

•  internal audits and preparation of reports on their outcomes;

• preparation of materials to arrange self-assessment of the university;


Liliya Zagidullina

Director, Associate Professor











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Address: 9a, September 12 St., room 209,  Ulyanovsk, 432000 

Phone: (8422) 30-18-17

E-mail: zagidullinali@ulsu.ru

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