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> Personnel Department

Objective: efficient HR policy making i.e. creation of high-performance motivations, provision of top-rankedpersonnel to the university, its proactive employment and social evolution.

Primary functions:recruitment and personnel development, paperwork management, individual records administration of students and control over strict-accounting forms.

Structure of the department:

Head of the department-

Elena Nikolayevna Alexanina

42, Leo Tolstoy str., Ulyanovsk

room 13

telephone number: 41-2098,


Primary targets ofthe personnel department are:

- HR policy making of the University and its implementation in accordance with development goals and objectives of the University within the framework of the Department competence.

- Personnel labor relations management of the University and HR records keeping.

- Legal framework improvement regulating HR issues.

- Recruitment system arrangements, adaptation process improvement of new employees.

- Determination of recruitment needs and proposal development concerning high-quality organization and sound management of human capacity.

- Coordination of HR management processes within the framework of the primary targets enforcement.

- Improvement of HR management processes; implementation of advanced personnel management technologies; standardization and unification of HR documentation; application of advanced IT solutions and automated systems.

Division of Labor Relations Regulation


Head of the division Galina Nikolayevna Plotnikova

Divisional manager- Violetta Vladimirovna Zalaldinova

Divisional manager- Tatyana Aleksandrovna Maraga

Divisional manager- Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Dryakhlova

telephone number: 41-22-87

Student section

Manager Nina Vasilyevna Korsakova
telephone number: 41-27-43