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> Administration of External Affairs, Youth Policy and Social Work

Head, Office of International Relations, Youth Policy and Social Work

popova.jpgSvetlana I. Popova

Address: 42, Leo Tolstoy Street., Ulyanovsk, room 49

Tel./Fax: (8422)41-1780, (8422) 41-2768

E-mail: s_popova73@mail.ru

Appointment hours: Monday 11.0017.00

The main management objectives are the following:

toimplement the USU youth policy;

to develop and implement social protection programs and recipient-oriented material assistance to the USU students and employees;
to organize activities in the field of international cooperation aimed at expanding educational services;
USU internationalization and expansion of existing ties with Russian and international educational institutions, the training of the intellectual elite of foreign states;
to form the image of USU as an advanced and modern educational and scientific institution and the integration of the university into the world educational community.

knyazeva.jpg Head, International Relations Department

Maria A. Knyazeva

Address: 42, Leo Tolstoy Street, Ulyanovsk, room 48

Tel.: (8422) 41-1780


Head, Department of Social Work

Tatyana Y. Troyanova

Address: , 42, Leo Tolstoy Street, Ulyanovsk, room 49

Tel.: (8422) 41-2768

E-mail: socotdel@ulsu.ru


Head, Department of Youth Policy and Extra-Curricular Activity

Dmitry V. Krainov

Address: 42, Leo Tolstoy Street, Ulyanovsk, room 49

Tel.: (8422) 41-2768

E-mail: 757392@gmail.com

Director, Center of International education

Marina V. Denisova

Address: 42, Leo Tolstoy Street, Ulyanovsk, room 2

Tel.: (8422) 41-2079

E-mail: cie@ulsu.ru

 USU history museum

Galina N. Kruglova

Address: USU technopark, Naberezhnaya r. Sviyaga, Ulyanovsk

Tel.: (8422) 37-96-20

E-mail: museum@ulsu.ru


Director of the USU Media Center

Oleg R. Samartsev

Address: 5, Vodoprovodnaya St., Ulyanovsk

Tel.: (8422) 37-6327