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> News and Events

Kirill Glinkin, head of the department of youth policy and cultural activity at USU, has been awarded with an entry on the honor roll “the Best People of the Ulyanovsk Region”
2019-01-11 05:55

The photo of the head of the department of youth policy and cultural activity of USU, Kirill Glinkin, will appear on the honor board “The Best People of the Ulyanovsk Region”. Далее

University singers perform at a regional Christmas party
2019-01-11 09:42

The USU choir of students and teachers performed at a festive concert dedicated to the Christmas celebration in the Palace of Culture “Gubernatorsky”. In addition to the university vocalists, young artists of the children’s choir “Birth” performed on the stage, the leader of which is Larisa Filyanina, the Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation, Professor of USU.

The studies of USU scientists contribute to the development of the knowledge-intensive segment of the regional economy
2019-01-15 06:06

"Science" as a tool for attracting three billions to the region - today all leading scientific organizations of the Ulyanovsk region are involved in the implementation of the national project. The regional component of the national project includes three areas. The first involves the creation of a world-class research and education center. The second is updating at least 50 percent of the instrumentation base of leading scientific organizations. The third is to attract young people to science. Solving these three tasks will allow Russia to enter the top five high-tech countries in the world in accordance with the President’s May decrees.

The solemn meeting of the USU Board of Trustees has been held
2019-01-15 09:22

Every year, the work of the council of the past year is summed up, and the most active philanthropists are awarded. As before, the main point of the ceremony was handing the prizes of the council, which annually awards the most talented people of Ulyanovsk. The title of the prize winner was awarded to the president of the LLC “Smart-Invest” Anatoly Grylev, who has been a member of the presidium of the charitable organization since 2012 and has been involved in financing the nominal scholarship program. Another winner was Vladimir Oblasov, the director of  lyceum 100.

By tradition, on Epiphany, the ice hole on the campus on the Sviayaga River Embankment becomes a place of prayer and ablution.
2019-01-19 05:50

On the Epiphany Eve, on the river bank of the Sviyaga, the water was blessed. The  prayer service was conducted by Archpriest Dmitry Savelyev. He congratulated the citizens and reminded the spiritual meaning of the feast of Baptism. Together with the believers, Father Dmitry read a prayer, and then he blessed water in the hole.

A hockey match on Tatiana’s day!
2019-01-21 06:11

On January 25, in the framework of the celebration of the Russian Students’ Day, a hockey game will be held at the Volga-Sport-Arena stadium between teachers of universities in the Ulyanovsk region and students.

Ulyanovsk State University invites to participate in the celebration of Tatiana’s Day
2019-01-21 06:23

11.00 – a solemn prayer in honor of the patroness of  Russian students - the Holy Martyr Tatiana.

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