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> News and Events

Young businessmen of two countries discuss cooperation issues
2017-08-30 06:21

USU specialists Elena Semyonova and Elena Duvanova participated in a meeting with businessmen in the Chinese province of Guizhou. Representatives of  companies and organizations of education, agriculture, gas industry, the state support of young businessmen, the IT sector participated in a talk. Далее

Dear students and teachers!
2017-09-01 05:03

Accept the most sincere congratulations on the beginning of a new academic year! Knowledge Day, beyond any doubt, is the main holiday of all Russian education. Annually all of us, participants of the educational process, meet this day with excitement which always brings a lot of meetings, interesting projects, new prospects and landmarks. Далее

The flagship university of the region has solemnly opened its doors for first-year students
2017-09-01 17:40

Every year  September 1  begins with a solemn assembly for USU students and  2017 is not an exception. The fine sunny weather on this day was a pleasant bonus. Далее

Participants of the USU delegation familiarize themselves with agricultural enterprises in China
2017-09-02 17:56

As we have already informed, experts and students of the flagship university  are in China within the program of opening  the Russian-Chinese business incubators. Далее

The "Volga" hockey club has congratulated Ulyanovsk State University on the beginning of a new academic year
2017-09-05 05:10

Vasily Pishchulin, the director of the Volga hockey club in his letter to the Rector of the flagship university of the region Boris Kostishko  congratulated the staff of Ulyanovsk State University and  wished good luck in a new academic year. Далее

A meeting with the representatives of All-Russian public organization "Union of Rehabilitologists of Russia"
2017-09-06 05:33

The meeting of the Ulyanovsk State University delegation  under the leadership of Boris Kostishko, the Rector (composed of the Vice Rector for innovative development Natalya Ilyina and the head of the department of  neurology, neurosurgery,  physiotherapy and physiotherapy exercises Victor Mashin), the Minister of Health, Family and Social wellbeing of the Ulyanovsk region Rasheed Abdullov with members of the presidium of All-Russian public medical rehabilitology organization  "The union of rehabilitologists of Russia" headed by the chairman Galina Ivanova took place on September 5 in Moscow in the rehabilitation center  "Preodolenie". Далее

Terrorism prevention is the topic of a homeroom hour at the USU music school
2017-09-06 05:52

Today at the G.I. Shadrina music school  of Ulyanovsk State University the traditional homeroom hour for the whole school has been arranged. Such a meeting is held at the educational institution every month. The questions concerning both educational, and creative, public work were on the agenda. Usually at a homeroom hour students are given an opportunity to share their ideas and thoughts which can be realized in the future. Далее

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