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> About 100 people participate in the All-Russian health improving campaign held at USU

About 100 people participate in the All-Russian health improving campaign held at USU
2019-12-30 09:57

The first All-Russian campaign “Cold hardening makes Russia  a healthy nation” was held last Sunday in many regions of Russia. In Ulyanovsk, it was held at the center of cold hardening and winter swimming of Ulyanovsk State University. About 100 people took part in the event: teachers and students of USU, members of the cold swimmers club - winners and prize-winners of many All-Russian and international competitions in winter swimming - and local residents, many of whom first experienced the possibility of hardening. Each participant received a personal certificate. The opening ceremony was attended by President of the Olympic Council of the Ulyanovsk Region Oleg Kalmykov and Chairman of the Ulyanovsk Union of Afghanistan Veterans Sergey Semenychev, who congratulated the participants. Vladimir Valtsev, the dean of the Faculty of Physical Culture and Rehabilitation, the chairman of the Hardening and Winter Swimming Federation of the Ulyanovsk Region, one of the main organizers of the event, said: “Despite the fact that the program of the event was very eventful, it was swift moving and bright, and the presenter Valentina Feoktistova managed to give a high wave of positive emotions. Running-hardening, a flash mob, a motorcycle race and of course cold water dousing and demonstrative swims became the key items of the event. ”

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