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> USU scientists give a lecture in Dimitrovgrad

USU scientists give a lecture in Dimitrovgrad
2019-10-25 14:47

The lectures were given by professors from the flagship university: Nectary Gurin, Victor Zhuravlyov and USU Vice-Rector for Research, Viktor Golovanov, who made a presentation about Zhores Alferov and his contribution to science and social activities. The head of the Department of Radiophysics and Electronics at the Institute of Physics and Technology, Nektary Gurin spoke about the Nobel Prize in Physics and explained with accessible examples why Zhores Alfyorov received it in 2002 (developing semiconductor heterostructures and creating fast optoelectronic and microelectronic components). The professor also emphasized that a regular smartphone is the focus of discoveries, the authors of at least five of which have been awarded Nobel Prizes.

The head of the space research laboratory of USU, Viktor Zhuravlyov, touched on the study of the Universe, the search for life on distant planets and the discoveries of outstanding scientists, Nobel laureates.

Dimitrovgrad schoolchildren and teachers were the listeners of the lecture. “I am very glad that I took part in this conference. They gathered all 11-graders who are going to take a physics exam, and they also invited me. It was interesting and informative. Most of all I liked the part about space in the lecture: presentation, mood itself, atmosphere. It turns out that after many years it will really be impossible to live on our planet, and mankind will have to look for a new home” said Yaroslav Sakharov, a school student of the 23rd school of Dimitrovgrad.

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