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> USU scientists are keeping a close watch on Russian property

USU scientists are keeping a close watch on Russian property
2019-10-22 11:40

Law scientists of Ulyanovsk State University under the guidance of professor of the department of civil law and proceedings A.N. Lyovushkin systematically investigated the problems of protection and inviolability of Russian property, including diplomatic, located abroad. The authors emphasize and prove the need to respect the sovereignty of the Russian state and state immunity in order to protect state property and property of the Russian Federation, especially outside our territory.

“Unfortunately, especially in the light of recent events - in connection with the seizure of Russian diplomatic property in the United States - Western states do not always try to legally limit or even deprive the Russian Federation of its property, neglecting the principles of state sovereignty and immunity, which is unacceptable in a democratic civil law domestic and international space” say the researchers.

Scientists explain that the regulation of public ownership of the state, like many other legal phenomena bear a trans-border character. Its foundation is made up of both national legislation and standards developed at the international level. Based on the legal analysis, the authors prove that today they are accepted by almost all national legal systems, including the Russian one, but in the light of an unfair negative political attitude towards our country at the international level, these standards are not fully respected by foreign states and international community as a whole. Research materials have been published in international scientific journals.