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> Governor Sergei Morozov meets with representatives of university teams -participants in the intensive training program “Island 10-22”

Governor Sergei Morozov meets with representatives of university teams -participants in the intensive training program “Island 10-22”
2019-08-08 05:22

The participants of the meeting discussed the digital transformation of higher education institutions, the activities of the university “Boiling Points” events, as well as the implementation of the national project “Personnel for the Digital Economy”. Opening the meeting, Sergei Morozov said that the regional government would expect active participation of universities in the process of training the required specialists.

“Within the framework of the national program“ Digital Economy ”, universities have a specific project in which they can and must make their efforts to realize it. This is “Personnel for the Digital Economy.” “Island 10-22” is an integral part of it. We hope that universities will take an active part in training specialists with digital competencies, in particular, specialists in information security, as well as in mass retraining of various categories of the population. I would like to emphasize that we have good experience in implementing such a project, which largely anticipated the federal one, “Development of the information technology industry in the Ulyanovsk Region,” said Sergei Morozov.
According to the adviser to the governor Svetlana Openysheva, the flagship project for the development of the information technology industry in the Ulyanovsk region became the prototype of a national training project. For several years now, systematic work has been carried out in our region to develop personnel for the IT industry. Many educational initiatives are being implemented to enhance digital competencies, in particular, thanks to the initiative of USU, a network of code classes is being developed. Students are offered courses in mobile robotics and unmanned vehicles, programming in popular languages. About 500 budget seats in the program of “Information Technology” are provided at Ulyanovsk universities this year.
Representatives of the flagship university, headed by Rector Boris Kostishko, told the meeting about projects that are already being implemented and will be launched with the assistance of the University Research Institute of Technology, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and other federal partners.  In the next five years, they plan to focus on the most important areas at the flagship university, which will ensure the leadership of the university and the region in the development of laser and nanophotonic technologies. Starting from the new academic year, new educational programs on virtual and augmented reality, big data, and blockchain will be made available to students at USU.
“We are trying to teach students how to use these technologies in practice. It fits very well with library management, healthcare, banks. Blockchain helps to avoid fraud and falcification. A separate center has been set up at USU for the development and implementation of these technologies, ”said Rector Boris Kostishko.
Governor Sergei Morozov invited universities to participate in the digital retraining of the regional leadership. University leaders expressed their willingness to offer brainstorm activities by analogy with the “Island 10-22” - cooperation in the exchange of competencies in the digital sphere in the interests of digital transformation of the Ulyanovsk region.

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