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> News and Events

> The general meeting of the USU Board of Trustees

The general meeting of the USU Board of Trustees
2019-06-28 10:13

Sergey Baklanov, the Vice -Rector for Academic Affairs presented his report “On the cooperation of Ulyanovsk State University with industrial enterprises and institutions of the region. Training in the era of industry 4.0 ”. He said that the interaction of USU with enterprises and institutions of the region was aimed at creating an infrastructure at USU for advanced practice-oriented training and R & D implementation using advanced production technologies.

The main existing and promising partners of the university are high-tech enterprises: Aviastar-SP JSC, SSC RIAR JSC, Sosny NPF, UKBP JSC, Mars NPO, Iskra Plant, Rostelecom Ulyanovsk Branch ZAO Prominvest, UniversalStroy and others. Among the social institutions - the Ministry of Health, Education and Culture.

Dmitry Shabalkin, Vice-Rector for Innovative Development of USU, spoke about the work of the USU project offices in the municipalities of the Ulyanovsk Region, who paid attention to the interconnection between the development of territories and the introduction of the project management principle.

Following the meeting, a decision was made to amend the statute of the USU Board of Trustees and approved the work plan for the 2019–2020 academic year.

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