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> Elena Shmelyova, the head of the educational center “Sirius”, a member of the Presidential Council for Science and Education visits USU

Elena Shmelyova, the head of the educational center “Sirius”, a member of the Presidential Council for Science and Education visits USU
2019-05-27 08:39

In the flagship university, Elena Vladimirovna met with graduates of the Sirius educational center, young scientists, and Rectors of the universities in the Ulyanovsk region. The event in the form of a panel discussion was devoted to the problems of support of young talents.

The meeting was attended by Governor Sergei Morozov. We would like to remind that the board of trustees was set up in the Ulyanovsk region to support the project “Talents for the region”. Participants had an opportunity to ask questions to the guest and the head of the region. Elena Shmelyova said that our region was one of the foremost, where the structure of work and the support of talented children and young people were well built.

A special place in this system is occupied by Ulyanovsk State University, where work with gifted children has been raised to the rank of one of the priorities of the university’s strategic development. USU and the center “Sirius” are linked with  partnership relations. A university school has been established at the university - an association of specialized schools, academies, clubs for schoolchildren, where they are attached to the world of future professions and science. The university is the annual platform of one of the most prestigious Olympiads for schoolchildren - the multi-profile Olympiad “Zvezda”, a permanent platform of subject All-Russian Olympiads. In addition, the university holds its own competitions and contests for prospective applicants. Every year a personal reference book “Gifted Children” is published, which introduces winners and prize-winners of competitions and other intellectual and creative competitions for schoolchildren. The latest issue of the publication was given to Elena Shmelyova.

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