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> USU top officials sign agreements with universities of the Kyrgyz Republic at the forum in Bishkek

USU top officials sign agreements with universities of the Kyrgyz Republic at the forum in Bishkek
2019-03-28 17:55

Cooperation agreements were signed at the First Forum of Rectors of Russian and Kyrgyz Universities in Bishkek. In partnership relations Ulyanovsk State University is now tied up with I. Razzakov Kyrgyz State Technical University, J. Balasygan Kyrgyz National University, Kyrgyz Economic University named after M. Ryskulbekov and I. Arabaev Kyrgyz State University.

“The implementation of the agreements envisages joint work in the field of higher education, the exchange of students and staff, the performance of research projects and the strengthening of cultural ties between the countries,” said Boris Kostishko, USU Rector.

Bilateral academic cooperation includes participation in seminars and conferences, publications in collections of scientific papers, conducting research, joint participation in grant programs, organizing exchanges and internships for teachers, mutual consultations on new programs, inviting the teaching staff  to professional development programs  as listeners and as educators.

The parties are going to provide a constant information exchange, involving mutual assistance in acquiring literature, publishing and distributing printed educational materials, developing and producing manuals and new software for the instruction process.

As a result of cooperation, the range and geography of educational services will be expanded, especially in terms of distance and postgraduate education programs and various internship programs for teachers and students. Sharing experience and interaction in international academic cooperation programs implies, in particular, inviting representatives of partner universities to international seminars and workshops, joint development of cooperation projects with foreign universities and organizations.


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