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> Future students of USU have been on a visit to a fairy tale

Future students of USU  have been on a visit to a fairy tale
2019-02-05 06:43

A real fairy-tale story “In the world of “oil cakes”and “Cheburashka” was presented for preschool children and their parents in the reading room of the Scientific Library.
The well-known local historian, associate professor of the Philosophy Department, Sergey Petrov impressed everyone with his ethnographic discovery. A few years ago, the scientist drew attention to a curious fact: in Vladimir Dahl’s “Explanatory Dictionary of the Living Great Russian Language” the definition of the word “oil cake (round loaf)” is given as “the last bread from the pot”.

Further research confirmed the conjecture that our city Simbirsk (Ulyanovsk) could well have been the birthplace of the main character of the Russian fairy tale Kolobok(The Little Round Bun). Thanks to Sergey Borisovich, the city received the official status of Kolobok’s motherland in 2011, and the story itself had a happy ending. In the modern fairy tale “Kolabyatko”, which was written by our compatriot Vladimir Lanko, the whole world saved the hapless Kolobok from the mouth of a fox.

The participants of the event learned that the word “Cheburashka” also had the Volga region roots.  The first “Simbirsk cheburashka” made of wood was created in our city. It was possible to touch the painted koloboks  that evening, like other works of art by Ulyanovsk masters of folk crafts.

A meeting was organized for parents with heads of university departments in the library co-working center. Liliya Khamidullina, the head of the pre-university education department, the head of USU children’s engineering center, told parents about the specific features of the cognitive development of preschool children and the need to provide favorable conditions to boost children’s research activity. One of these conditions is the children’s participation in the Interregional competition of projects for 5-7 year old children “My project” at kindergarten No. 186 “Volgarik” – the partner of USU in the project “Children’s Engineering Center”. In 2019, the competition will be held for the 11th time. The full-time stage is going to take place in March, and preschoolers from the Ulyanovsk region and other regions of the country are invited to participate in it.

Marina Burkhanova, the Director of the USU Scientific Library, showed parents of future students the library’s information resources. She spoke about a youth car and motorcycle school, and a bike school on the children’s campus of the university. In conclusion, Liliya Khamidullina invited all people to the Open Doors event, which is due to be held on Sundays in February and March. The event ended with a noisy disco for preschoolers and traditional tea drinking.

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