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> News and Events

The general meeting of the USU Board of Trustees
2019-06-28 10:13

Patrons discussed the prospects for cooperation with industrial partners and municipalities of the region, approved changes to the charter and work plan for the next academic year. The Vice-President of the USU Board of Trustees Vitaly Marusin opened and chaired the meeting.

USU students and staff members headed by the Rector address school leavers on the “runway”
2019-06-28 19:57

The traditional holiday of graduates was held on June 27 at Cathedral Square. This year it was attended by more than 6.5 thousand of Ulyanovsk residents – yesterdays’ school students, their parents and teachers from the entire region.

University activists receive letters of gratitude from the governor
2019-06-29 08:46

On Youth Day, the governor awarded those who contribute to the implementation of youth policy with letters of gratitude. The number of the university’s representatives among the heroes of the occasion was the most impressive. The awards were given to Svetlana Popova, the head of the department for youth policy and social work, Alexei Khrabskov, the head of the department of acting, head of the Youth Theater, Daria Mikhailova, the chairperson of the youth government, , a student of USU, Alina Navmyatullina a specialist of the youth policy and cultural work department, and numerous student activists.

The Ulyanovsk region delegation is in China: the first wave of the Russian-Chinese youth business incubator has started
2019-07-02 08:23

Kirill Glinkin, the head of the USU department for youth policy and cultural and mass activities, is the head of the regional delegation in Chongqing. In China, the participants are going to meet with large companies and investors, and then they are going to Russia to study the intricacies of doing business. Ulyanovsk State University is going to be the organizer of the business incubator in Ulyanovsk.

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