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> Center of International Education

Director of the Center Denisova Marina

denisova.jpg Constant work with the department of international cooperation at the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the conclusion of individual contracts and contracts in the field of education with local, regional and All-Russian public organizations, improvement of social conditions of stay and vigorous information and advertizing activity carried out by the marketing department contributed to the increase of international students of the university. In 2008to facilitate work with international students in the vice rector’s office for international relations, youth policy and social work the Center of International Education (CIE) was set up, and in 2014it was reorganized into the Center of work with international students (CWIS). Staff members of the CWIS provide all complex of services in the course of enrollment of foreign citizens.

Now more than 300foreign citizens from 6regions of the world are trained at USU. Foreign citizens get education at the institutes and at the faculties of the university according to humanities, natural-science, medical and biological, technical, economic programs and various forms of education.

For over 20years the university has trained about 160specialists for foreign countries, more than 150 graduates among them gained honors degrees. These are specialists in the field of medicine, economy, information technologies, law, etc.

Since 2008to the present academic degrees of candidate of sciences in the field of medicine and political science have been awarded to four foreign graduates.

The center is a structural division of the Office of International Relations, Youth Policy and Social Work at Ulyanovsk State University. The chief of the Center is Denisova Marina Valentinovna.

The purpose of activity of the Center of International education is to prepare the intellectual elite of foreign states, the formation of the brand identity of USU as a modern educational and scientific institution and integration of university into the world educational community.

Activity of the Center is directed at the following tasks:

1. to ensure the enrollment of foreign citizens for training at the university;

2. to render assistance in the solution of the problems connected with students’ training and their stay in Russia.

Contact information:

42, L. Tolstoy St., room 23, 432017, Ulyanovsk, Russia,

Phone: (8422) 41-2079, fax: (8422) 41-2818,

E-mail: cie@ulsu.ru

Appointment hours:Monday- Thursday - 8:30 17:30

Friday 8:3016:30