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Забыли пароль?


If I send the documents to you now by e-mail when will you send the invitation letter, if I am accepted?

Answer:As soon as we receive a copy of your passport, we will be able to prepare the required paperwork for your letter of invitation and submit it to the local branch of Federal Migration Board. An application for a letter of invitation is typically processed for one month, or thirty working days.

Will the letter of invitation be sent to me by mail, e-mail or courier?

Answer:The original of your letter of invitation will be sent to your mailing address by regular mail. Some Russian embassies accept faxed copies of letters of invitation, so you may check to see if this is possible where you will apply for your visa. If it is, we may fax a copy of your letter of invitation to the embassy to expedite processing your visa.

I want to send a copy of my high school certificate and national passport to you but I do not know how to translate them into Russian. I do not know where to do that in my country. May I send the documents to you in English?

Answer:You may send us copies of your national passport and high school certificate without translation. However, if you are accepted you will need to bring both the original copies and their Russian translations. You may have your papers translated at some public or private organizations that provide translation services in your country. If you are unable to do this we could have your papers translated here but it may be more expensive than in your country — both translation and notarization may cost about 300 roubles ($10) per page.

When I go to the Russian embassy for a visa, will I be asked to show receipts of my fees to the school or will the fees be paid upon arrival at the school?

Answer:You pay tuition upon arrival at the university, so the embassy should not require you to show anything from us except the letter of invitation. However, you may be required to submit proof of your ability to support yourself during your studies here but you should check with the embassy to make certain.

I am currently studying the Russian language at another Russian university. But I wish to pursue General Medicine, which is not available here, at your university under the scholarship program of our government. Is it possible?

Answer:We only admit scholarship receivers recommended by Russian Ministry of Education since all scholarship matters are handled exclusively by this agency. None of our international students that receive scholarships from their governments have applied directly to our university, and we are not authorized to make any decisions regarding eligibility of such applicants. Therefore, we would advise you to contact the appropriate officials in your Ministry of Education to discuss the possibility of your transferal to Ulyanovsk.

Would you please send me an international application package including information brochures and related application forms (hard copy, as I can't download and print).

Answer:At present we do not have any printed materials for prospective international students. All relevant information is posted on our webpage. If some details are unclear or missing we are always happy to answer whatever questions our prospective students may have.

Does your university offer any sort of financial assistance to international students?

Answer:Our university does not offer any financial assistance to foreign students. All scholarship-related inquiries should be directed to Russian Ministry of Education.

If it is possible to start the preparatory course in the second semester which begins in February?

Answer:Yes, but if you plan on enrolling at USU for the full course of study, you will have to continue your studies in the same preparatory department next year, since you are required to complete at least two semesters before proceeding to study your major. It is also possible to study for one and a half years and thus complete three semesters. If you are a free mover intending to focus exclusively on the Russian language, we may offer you a tailor-made program of the desired duration. In this case you may start virtually any time during the year except the summer break (June — August), when the teachers are busy with admission matters.

I intend to pursue a doctoral degree at USU. Could I conduct my study with no any Russian experience?

Answer:Since Russian is the only language of instruction at USU, a good command of the language is one of the eligibility requirements. Therefore, you will need to complete at least 1 year of Russian language studies and pass a proficiency test prior to undertaking your doctoral studies.

I intend to pursue a doctoral degree at USU. Could I conduct my study with no any Russian experience?

Answer:Since Russian is the only language of instruction at USU, a good command of the language is one of the eligibility requirements. Therefore, you will need to complete at least 1 year of Russian language studies and pass a proficiency test prior to undertaking your doctoral studies.

I plan to study this summer for a month or two weeks. Do you have such a course in this period?

Answer:Our university does not offer summer or short courses for independent movers. There are only short-term summer programs, which we offer to organized groups of students. More information is available at http:http://abiturient.ulsu.ru/info/29/

Can international students study in English?

Answer:The only language of instruction at our university is Russian. At the moment we do not offer courses in any other languages. One exception is short-term summer programs for organized groups of students, which you can read about at http://http://abiturient.ulsu.ru/info/29/

Does your university offer any degree or short courses through distance or open learning method?

Answer:At the moment we do not offer any distance or open learning programs for international students. Applicants are enrolled for the entire course of study, which in most cases is five years preceded by a one-year Russian language course.

Can I study for a Master's degree at your university?

Answer:At the current time our university, as well as the majority of Russian institutions, does not offer Bachelor's or Master's degrees. The duration of our study programs is typically 5 years. Upon successful completion of the full course of study students are awarded diplomas of specialists that are equivalent to a Master's degree.

If I am accepted at your university will I be guaranteed accommodation at the student hostel?

Answer:Each incoming student is guaranteed a place in the university dormitory. Usually we do not accept more students than we can provide with accommodation.

Can I search for private accommodation or is it forbidden?

Answer:Renting private accommodation is not officially forbidden but our current visa regulations make it virtually impossible: foreign citizens must register with the local authorities within three days of their arrival in the country, which is hardly enough to reach Ulyanovsk and find accommodation, especially if you do not speak Russian. Those who manage to do this are usually relatives or close friends of our current students, who help them make all necessary arrangements, including finding suitable housing. There is no way to look for accommodation in Ulyanovsk via Internet, and the university at present has no opportunity to assist applicants in finding a place to live, except of course the dormitory.

May I live alone in a room in the student dormitory?

Answer:All undergraduate and graduate students live in shared rooms for 2-3 persons. Single rooms are only provided to post-graduate students.

I would like to know about security and safety in Russia. We hear and see on TV about how some students suffer from racism.

Answer:It is true that racial tensions have become a big issue, especially for major cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg. However, this problem gets so much media coverage not only because the situation has deteriorated over the last two decades but also because our government has made it a top priority to raise people's awareness of this negative trend and work towards eliminating any form of extremism.
Ulyanovsk, being a medium-sized city with a small proportion of foreign citizens, is a relatively quiet place to live. Though, we do advise our international students to avoid being outside alone, especially after dark.

How can I reach your city?

Answer:Our city Ulyanovsk is located about 950 kilometers from Moscow, the country capital. The best way to get to our city from Moscow is to take an overnight train, in which case you will arrive here 16 hours later, in the morning. A train ticket costs about one thousand and a half roubles (fifty dollars) if you travel in a four-seat compartment, and about three thousand roubles (one hundred dollars) if you choose a two-seat compartment. You can also take a plane from Moscow to Ulyanovsk, which is faster — about two hours — but more expensive — at least 130 dollars. Besides, flights may be cancelled if there are not enough passengers.

Is it possible for someone to be schooling and working in Russia?

Answer:The current law does not permit international students to work during the academic year except on campus. Working off campus is only permitted during summer and winter breaks. Students do not need a work permit to be employed, but finding a job on campus is extremely difficult, and the local job market does not have to offer much either. In other words, at the preset time international students can hardly expect to have a steady income while they are here.

Are international students allowed to visit other cities?

Answer:International students are allowed to visit other cities, but if their stay exceeds three days they are supposed to register with local authorities, which is a complicated and time-consuming process, especially for private citizens. Hence, you will most likely have to stay in a hotel, which as an organization will be able to do this job for you.