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> Admission Guide


Admission to USU undergraduate programs is based on high school grades and the results of the Unified State Examination.

Selection for post-graduate programs is based on the GPA obtained during the previous cycle of education.

We do not normally accept transfer students from foreign institutions of higher education since one has to be proficient in the Russian language to study at USU.


At present, the majority of Russian institutions of higher education use the 3-level system of Bachelor, Master and Specialist. Enrollment is typically for the full course of study, which in most cases is four or five years. For international students it is usually preceded by an obligatory 1-year Russian language course.


The academic year at our university begins on September 1. The fall term normally runs from September to January, while the spring term — from February to June. However, the preparatory Russian language course starts on October 1.


The language of instruction at our university is exclusively Russian, which is why all international students are required first to take a 1-year preparatory Russian language course teaching them also the basics of the chosen major. This rule applies to all students, including those wishing to enroll in post-graduate programs, since one needs advanced Russian skills to carry out research activities and write a dissertation.

If, however, your goal is to master the Russian language and you are not planning on a full course of study in any particular area, it is quite possible to enroll in our Russian language course, study for one or two semesters and upon successful completion of the studies obtain an official certificate.

Students taking the preparatory Russian language course are grouped according to their fields of study, which is expected to provide for their smooth transition into academic life. There is a standard curriculum but you may add to it virtually any subject you like since we are prepared to tailor your program to include whatever interests you may have. Preparatory course students typically have 3-4 classes a day 5-6 days a week, duration of one class being 1 hour 20 minutes.


The cost of studies in the preparatory department depends on a program or a course, the average figure being about 89 000 roubles  per year.  

As regards tuition payment options, you may pay on a term/year basis. In rare cases students choose to make one payment in full for the entire course of study, in which case they may receive a special rate.


USU provides each international student with a space in the residence hall, which along with three main university buildings and a sports center is part of the rapidly growing university campus. International students are accommodated in rooms shared by 2-3 persons on the first and second floors of the residence halls, which have a team of counselors and supervisors to ensure their security and well-being.

International students are discouraged from renting their own accommodation and strongly advised to live in the residence hall since it ensures their safety and substantially facilitates the process of their registration with the authorities, which must be completed within 3 days of their arrival in Russia.


One meal in a university cafeteria costs no more than 100 roubles (2,5 $). The cost of meals may amount to roughly 100 $ per month, local transportation — 50  $ per month.


We regret to say that our university does not offer scholarships on any level of study. All inquiries pertaining to scholarships getting and granting should be directed to Russian Ministry of Education (info@ed.gov.ru). Alternatively, you may contact the Ministry of Education in your country to see if there are any agreements between our countries making you eligible for a scholarship.


The first step will be to mail/fax/ email us copies of your national passport and documents certifying your previous education: high school diploma for prospective undergraduate students or Master's degree certificate for post-graduate students. You are also required to enclose transcripts of academic records.

Please note that you must have your educational credentials evaluated by National Education and Research Administration in Moscow prior to sending us copies of your academic documents. This procedure is described in detail in the following section.

In addition to these documents, you are required to fill up the application form.

Remember that to be officially accepted you have to bring the originals of all the documents provided earlier and their Russian translations. An important note: your translated papers must be certified by a notary public.

Considering that the preparatory course begins on October 1 and we need one month to secure a letter of invitation, which you will exchange in the Russian Embassy for a student visa, it is better to send us all the needed admission paperwork well in advance, at least three months prior to the above-mentioned date.


Following are the steps you need to take to have your credentials evaluated:

  • Send an application to the National Education and Research Administration by regular mail or via email stating what educational documents you would like to send for evaluation.
    Mailing address: Russia, 119021 Moscow, Bolshoy Chudov Pereulok, 8, ed. 1,
    Email address: rusmagistr-post@mail.ru
  • Wait until you receive a letter confirming acceptance of your order, which will also contain a pay slip, so you could pay the required expenses in a bank.
  • Make the payment in any bank in your country.
  • Prepare the required documentation (both originals and copies), as indicated in your letter.
  • Send the package via DHL, FedEx, Garantpost (Russian service http://www.garantpost.ru/eng) or any other express mail service to the address above.
  • Get your papers back via Garantpost, which will take 2-4 days regardless of your country of residence.
  • Fax or email copies of your approved educational documents to the university.

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For further information please contact International Students Center.

42 Leo Tolstoy str.
Ulyanovsk 432017

Phone: +7 (8422) 412079
Fax: +7 (8422) 412818 
Mail: cie@ulsu.ru