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> Music School

muz1.jpgMusic School named after G.I. Shadrina of Ulyanovsk State University is a leading cultural centre for music and music education not only in the Ulyanovsk Region but in the whole Privolzhsky District. From the first day of its opening, the music school has been implementing intense educational, music outreach and concert activities.  

Since 2004, the School of Music has become a division of Ulyanovsk State University.

School Administration

The Director of the Music School — Nailya I. Yenaliyeva

The Deputy Director for Studies — Lechtinen A. Tatyana

The Deputy Director for Educational Work — Krainik P. Svetlana

The Deputy Director for Practical Training — Usacheva V. Svetlana

muz2.jpgThe school's teaching staff complies with the demands made on secondary vocational education institutions. Among the members of the teaching staff there are 11 Russia's Honored workers of culture, 6 Russia's Honored artists, 4 Honored workers of culture of Ulyanovsk Region, 5 Honorary workers of secondary vocational education, 5 teachers awarded Honorary Diplomas from the Russian Ministry of Culture, 10 — that from the Ministry of Education and Science, and 2 teachers awarded Letters of Gratitude from the Ministry of Culture.

The music school is implementing the programmes of higher secondary vocational education.

Main Objectives:

  • realization of secondary vocational education programmes;
  • education quality assurance according to the requirements of educational and license standards;
  • meeting public needs in high-qualified specialists with secondary vocational education;
  • realization of educational programmes

 Main Tasks:

  • meeting human needs in intellectual, cultural and moral development by means of secondary music education
  • selecting, discovering and supporting talented young people, helping them to take their bearings in their vocation through the system of continuous music education (comprehensive school-vocational school-institute of higher education)
  • pre-entry training of the applicants with compulsory and secondary education
  • attracting high qualified teachers to the work in the school
  • development of material and technical basis necessary for the academic process
  • preparing a music school's graduate for studying a corresponding specialization in a high education institution
  • expansion of cultural education which forms the aesthetic needs and tastes of all social and age-groups
  • developing such qualities in the students like solid citizenship, diligence, a sense of responsibility, self-independence and creativity
  • augmentation of student's achievements
  • providing the compliance of the main events, which the music school takes part in, with the demands stated in Quality management system documentation

The school structure

The music school comprises discipline cyclic committees and a student teaching sector.

The academic process in the school is carried out in full conformity with the state educational standards, on the basis of the curriculum and syllabus.

The director's reception hours:

  • for the students — Wednesday, 13.30–14.15
  • for the teachers — Tuesday, 13.30–15.00
  • for external visitors — Monday, 16.00–17.00


Address: 1 Gimova St, Ulyanovsk, 432063, Russia

Telephone: +7 (8422) 44-18–68, +7 (8422) 44-19-98

E-mail:  muz@ulsu.ru