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> Medical College

director.jpgDirector Svetlana I. Phillipova, candidate of Medical Sciences

The overall aim of the school is to provide the town and the region with medical personnel with secondary vocational education.

Training programmes offered:

for students with secondary education:

  • General Medicine 3years and 10months, qualification of a healthcare professional (feldsher)
  • Nursing - 2years and 10months, qualification of a nurse
  • Obstetrics - 2years and 10months, qualification of an obstetrician
  • Preventive dentistry 2years and 10months, qualification of a dental hygien specialist
  • Prosthetic dentistry 2years and 10months, qualification of a dental technician
  • Adapted physical education 2years and 10months, qualification of an adopted physical education teacher
  • Nursing - 2years and 10months; for those who are being trained as Sisters of Mercy cooperatively with the Church and medico-prophylactic institutions.

for students with compulsory education:

  • Nursing 3years and 10months, qualification of a nurse
  • Adaptive physical education 3 years and 10months, qualification of an adaptive physical culture teacher

professional retraining for the professionals with

  • a basic degree in Obstetrics or Nursing to get a higher degree in General Medicine 10months, qualification of professional healthcare
  • a basic degree in Nursing to get a higher degree in Nursing 10months, qualification of a nurse
  • a degree in Dentistry to get a degree in Preventive dentistry 5months, qualification of a dental hygien specialist
  • a degree in Dentistry to get a degree in Prosthetic dentistry 10months, qualification of a dental technician.

ubmk.jpgThe school implements full-time academic programs. It offers professional retraining for the specialists with basic secondary medical education and promotes to get the higher one.

The specialists in nursing, obstetrics can get the second degree of Family Nurse Practioner (nurse, feldsher) attending full-time and evening courses.

At present 80permanent teachers including 3candidates of science work at school and 652students study there.

It is possible to get education either for free or on a contract basis.

The medical school was founded in 1869 when at the initiative of local Simbirsk physicians the nurse training school affiliated to the provincial hospital was opened.

The four-storeyed building is situated on the picturesque bank of the Sviyaga river. There are 46well-equipped classrooms for theoretical and practical classes, 2computer rooms (to learn how to use a computer and control the classes), 4lecture rooms, a gymnasium, ski lodge, summer sports ground.

In the pre-clinical practice classrooms manipulative skills are achieved with the use of dummies and models very accurately imitating a human's body and having special devices to check the procedure correctness.

The students can make full use of the school library, which contains about 86copies of textbooks and manuals. With the school having been joined the Institute of Medicine, Ecology and Physical Education of Ulyanovsk State University, medical school students have access to the whole university library system.

Annually the students take part in an inner school competition Professional Excellence and among the secondary medical educational institutions of the region as well.

Nearby the medical school has a comfortable residence hall for its staff members.

A great number of events are organized for the students ranging from Posvyashcheniye (Matriculation), Hello, we are looking for gifted students to Vipusk (Graduation). Not only freshmen, but also sophomores and senior students readily participate in the whole-school events.

The medical school comprises 7 cyclic discipline committees. 80permanent and 33part-time teachers control the education process.

The school has formed a staff of high-qualified teachers most of whom are the teachers of the highest degree and first grade and have worked there for more than 20years.

The school is training its own professional personnel:

  • 3 teachers have the degree of a Candidate of Medical Sciences
  • 2 teachers defended their master's theses in 2005
  • 7 people are getting post-graduate education and studying in Ulyanovsk State University
  • 2 teachers graduated from the Institute of Nursing Training of Samara State Medical University
  • 1 teacher is being trained as a nurse manager
  • 7 teachers are the high achievers of public health

Moreover, the school is constantly working on the teachers' professional development with the use of different teaching methods.

For further information call the director's office +7 (8422)40-24-24

E-mail: ulsu-mk@mail.ru

Reception hours on personal issues Monday, 15.0016.30

Office hours Monday Friday, 8.0016.30; lunch break 12.0012.30

Identification cards are given by the academic secretary on Tuesday and Thursday from 8.00 to 16.30