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> SOKOL Modern Open College

Director of the College is Muravyeva Elena V., PhD. in Economics


Address: 12Sentyabrya street, 9a.
Tel: 32-0124, 32-01-37 Fax.
e-mail: sokol@ulsu.ru,
URL: http://ioo.ulsu.ru/parts/sokol

The Modern Open College SOKOL has been working consisting of OPE since2001 and has been training of middle specialist.

In the 2012-2013 the total number of all students of the college mounted to 260students.

In the period of its work 9graduations took place, 765specialists were trained, 99of them got the honours degree.

The work of the College SOKOL is based on close collaboration with core departments and faculties of USU. The teaching staff is represented by 31associate professors, 11of them are PH.D that comprises 35 percents of the total staff.

There are 5lecture halls, 5computer rooms, a conference halls with multimedia equipment and a grill room.

The Modern Open College SOKOL consists of 2departments: full-time and parallel studies. The full-time department is for people who have high-school instruction only.

Offered programs of study:

  • Banking
  • Law and Social Security Organization
  • Insurance (according to industries)
  • Economics and Accounting (according to industries)
  • Programming in computer systems
  • Law