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> International Academy of Tai Chi


The international Academy of Chi Kung and Tai-hi the Academy was established in December, 2014at the Russian-Chinese Center of Strategic Partnership, Faculty of Physical Culture and Rehabilitation of the USU Institute of Medicine, Ecology and Physical Culture, in partnership with Handan Academy (the People's Republic of China, the Province of Hebei, the city of Handan).

The partner of the Academy is the school of Yang in tai-chi (the People's Republic of China, the Province of Hebei, Handan, Guangg Foo). The school of Yang is one of the oldest in China and specializes in training the art of tai-chi.

Tai-chi is the Chinese internal art, one of the types of oriental martial art of wushu (kunfa). It is popular as a martial art, has also a health improving trend.

Chi kung as an art of knowledge and management of the organism, is directed at improving the person, at his self-improvement, self-regulation and, as a result life quality improvement of any person practicing chi kung.

The scope of activity of the International Academy comprises promotion of a healthy lifestyle among the population and also training in the Chinese practices chi kung and tai-chi.

Main mission of the Academy is organizational and practical activities in implementing joint educational and awareness building projects with the Chinese partners within bilateral agreements in the sphere of health saving and recovery technologies, in particular ancient Chinese practices chi kung and tai-chi.

Joint plans of cooperation between Handan, the school of Yang and Academy are the following:

theoretical and practical training of students of the Russian higher education institutions and teachers (instructors of physical culture) for the purpose of distributing the practices at primary, secondary and special educational institutions and improving healthcare institutions of the Ulyanovsk region and Russia;

organization and holding master classes, festivals of health, events, exercise demonstration of masters in chi kung and tai-chi,;

a wide awareness building activity among the population of the region and Russia for the purpose of strengthening and recovery of health;

round tables, conferences, panel discussions;

student and teacher exchanges of delegations for mutual share of experience.

The structure of Academy includes divisions for studying and disseminating the practices:

chi kung (health saving and recovery technologies);

tai-chi physical culture, sport, oriental martial arts.

Our certificates:

A course accomplishment certificate

The Chinese Academy of longevity and tai-chi Yana Luchanya in the city of Guanf

A course accomplishment certificate:

The present certificate certifies that Sergey Shapovalov mastered and successfully passed examination of this academy in 85forms in conformity with the standards of the school of Yang.

Head of the Academy: Hang Chinmin

The Chinese Yan Luchan Academy of Longevity and Tai-Chi in the city of Guanf

April 28, 2015

Contact information:

8-schapovalov.jpgPerson in charge of the Academy Shapovalov Sergey Nikolaevich.

Address: 106, Universitetskaya Embankment, 432017, Ulyanovsk, Russia.

Phone: +7 9603721888.

E-mail: 721888@mail.ru