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> Russian-Chinese Center of Strategic Partnership

The Russian-Chinese Center of Strategic Partnership (further the Center) started

Opening ceremony of the center
Demonstration of exercises
Director's presentation

its activity in November, 2014which was housed at the Faculty of Physical Education and Rehabilitation of the Institute of Medicine, Ecology and Physical Culture of USU. The chief partner of the Center is Handan University (the People's Republic of China, the Province of Hebei, Handan).

The main objective of the center is organizational and practical activities to implement joint scientific and educational and cultural projects with the Chinese partners within bilateral cooperation agreements in the sphere of:


science and education;

social sphere;


physical culture, health saving and recovery technologies.

Missions of the USU Russian-Chinese Center of Strategic Partnership:

to give a course in Chinese for all categories of listeners at the level that gives possibility for the subsequent training, to arrange practical training, as well as the production and educational practice for Russian students and graduate students in scientific, educational and manufacturing institutions of the People's Republic of China;

to conduct joint scientific and educational programs, to organize the process of academic mobility of students, graduate students and teachers;

to hold videoconferences, panel discussions, scientific and practical conferences and consultations;

to hold cultural and educational events directed at studying history and language culture, traditions and customs of the People's Republic of China, features of economic and political activity.


The structure of the Center includes the International academy of chi kung and taichi which is the sole official representative agency of the School of Yang (the People's Republic of China, the Province of Hebei) in Russia. The school of Yang is one of the oldest in China and specializes in training the art of tai chi mastering.

Tai chi - the Chinese art, one of the types of wushu. It is popular as fitness training, and a prefix quan (a fist) implies that tai chi is also a martial art.

Chi kung is directed not only at health recovery, but also at self-improvement, self-regulation and as a result improvement of life quality for any person practicing this art.

Promotion of a healthy lifestyle among the population is the scope of activity of the International academy of Chi kung and Tai chi and also training in Chinese health improving practices of chi kung and tai chi.

8-schapovalov.jpgDirector of the Center Shapovalov Sergey Nikolaevich.

Address: 106, Sviyaga River Embankment St., 432017, Ulyanovsk,

phone: +79603721888

A video about the Center