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> Regional Telemedicine Center

Telemedicine center of Ulyanovsk State University is a scientific and innovative
structural division that develops and introduces new forms of educational, consulting and diagnostic, scientific and organizational, practical approaches based on modern information technologies. It uses work with regional system of continuous preparation and retraining of experts in health care and the social sphere of the region, in the field of protection of the environment, physical culture, sports and tourism.

It was founded in 2002at the initiative of the honored worker of science of the Russian Federation, professor O. P. Modnikov and is based on the medical faculty of the Institute of medicine, ecology and physical culture.

Telemedicine center is a unique medicine center in the Russian Federation in which a number of educational services are carried out, retraining and professional development of experts in the field of health care and medical science from pre-university level before defence of theses with the use of TV medicine technologies.


From 09.04.15 to 21.04.15 at 08.30 in room 106 a broadcast of the professional development course for mid-level health workers in the field of Topical Issues of Vaccinal Prevention (for nurses of children healthcare institutions) was transmitted to Dimitrovgrad, Staraya Maina and Cherdaklinsky district.

From 17.03.15 to 31.03.15 at 13.30 in room 209) broadcasting of the professional development course for mid-level health workers on the cycle Nursing care in Surgery, "Primary Medical and Sanitary Aid to the Population" (for local nurses), Nursing care for children, Primary medical and sanitary aid to children (for nurses of children healthcare institutions was provided for the city of Inza.

From 27.02.15 to 06.03.15 at 08.30 in room 106broadcasts of the professional development course for mid-level health workers on the cycles Health Protection of the Population, "Nursing care in Therapy", Primary Medical and Sanitary Aid to the Population (for procedure room nurses and nurses for inoculation), "Primary medical and sanitary aid to the population" (local nurses), "General practice", Nursing care in gynecology, Health protection of employees of the industrial enterprises, Nursing care in surgery, Nursing care for infected patients, Nursing aid to children, Primary medical and sanitary aid for children were transmitted for Public Healthcare Institution of the Nikolayevsky district.

From 04.02.15 to 18.02.15 at 08.30 in room 106professional development of mid-level health workers on the cycle Health Protection of Children and Teenagers (for nurses of children healthcare institutions) the broadcast was transmitted to Dimitrovgrad.

From 22.01.15 to 17.02.15 at 08.30 in room 106the broadcast of the professional development course for mid-level health workers was arranged for Public Healthcare Institutions of the Staraya Maina district in the areas: “Health protection of the people", Ambulance and emergency medical service, Nursing care in therapy, Primary medical and sanitary aid to the population, "Primary medical and sanitary aid for children".

December 04, 2013.

Within the framework of the Program of interactive remote seminars for important problems of obstetrics and gynecology for 2013interns of the chair of Postdegree education and family medicine participated in a televised seminar Hyper plastic processes in endometriya. The seminar was broadcast from the Perinatal medical center of Moscow. The lecture was given by Yakunina Natalya Aleksandrovna, the candidate of medical sciences, the doctor of higher category, the manager of AMC (the adult advisory and medical center).

December 03, 2013.

Interns and interns of the faculty of Postdegree, medical and pharmaceutical education took part in the XXXVI All-Russian Educational INTERNET SESSION for doctors.

October November, 2013

Video courses of professional development of average medical employees of Karsunsky central regional hospital "Health Protection of Country People",Primary Medical and Sanitary Help to the Population". was held from October 29to November 12

Contact us:

2, Architect Livchak St., room 106, Ulyanovsk, 432017, Russia,

Regional center of telemedicine of Ulyanovsk State University,

Phone: +7 (8422) 301152,

E-mail: oitime@ulsu.ru

IP: (internal for the Ulyanovsk region)

IP: (external)

Skype: telemedulsu