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> Department of Pediatrics


The department chair MD, professor Kuselman Alexey Isayevich

The department is located at the address: 52, Radishchev St., Ulyanovsk, 432002, Regional children's clinical hospital, administrative and laboratory buildings.

Staff of the department:

A. I. Kuselman (professor, doctor of medical sciences, head of the department of pediatrics)

R.Sh.Azizova (associate professor, candidate of medical sciences, a staff member responsible for educational and medical work)

Z.A.Lyuty (associate professor, candidate of medical sciences, a staff member responsible for pos-tdegree training of pediatricians, including clinical internship at the department)

I. L. Solovyova (professor, doctor of medical sciences, a staff member responsible for educational and methodical work of the department)

A.P.Cherdantsev (professor, doctor of medical sciences responsible for scientific work at the department, for clinical internship in pediatrics).

Deryabina Elena Viktorovna (associate professor, candidate of medical sciences responsible for work of SNO)

The department of pediatrics was founded in November, 1994at the medical faculty, a branch of MSU named after Lomonosov M. V.. During the first year the department was situated at the children's city hospital No. 1. The department was transferred to the Regional children's clinical hospital in 1995. The first chairperson of the department and till present is doctor of medical sciences, professor Kuselman Alexey Isayevich.

The department provides instruction for the 5th year students of the Faculty of Medicine within the standard program in pediatrics for students of the program medical care, and also for the 2-6th year students of the Pediatrics program.

Annually 150160 people are trained by the department.

Pediatrics is the main discipline of instruction. At the same time there are elective courses for students and doctors on clinical immunology and allergology (80 hours), and also on quantum therapy in pediatrics (40 hours) available at the department.

The department is favourably located in relation to medical and diagnostic departments of the hospital and occupies 2/3 floors of the administrative and laboratory buildings with the equipped isolated offices of manager, teachers, clinical interns and educational classes. The department possesses a thematic videocollection, multimedia manuals with the corresponding technical software to facilitate educational process. The unique test “Alter-Ego” program which was developed and also rather well debugged is currently used in routine and final testing of students and doctors majoring in pediatrics, immunology (authors Cherdantsev A.P., Vinogradova S.V.). To improve quality of training of students, clinical interns and interns, the department implements work in preparing and publishing methodical textbooks. Since 2000 the staff members of the department have published more than 20printed works.

Since 1995clinical internship programs on pediatrics has been available at the department, and since 1999 on allergology and clinical immunology. Annually according to the standard work program about 12clinical interns are trained. The program of the two-year post-degree training included sections of profound studying the specialty at different clinical and educational bases of the city. For clinical interns throughout all academic year the course of lectures is given and seminar classes are conducted. At least 2times a month interns, under the guidance of teachers conduct clinical analyses of patients.

Since 2001advanced training courses of doctors on subjects: Topical issues of pediatrics and Teenage medicine" have been conducted with certification and the certificate issuance of the standard pattern.

From the moment of the department organization the full-time postgraduate and correspondence courses in program 14.00.09 pediatrics “ were offered.

The department of pediatrics conducts research projects in several areas: Influence of opportunistic infections on the state of health in children", Development of methods of quantum therapy in various diseases in pediatrics, Issues of efficiency and safety of vaccination of children, pregnant women and breastfeeding women.

Implementation of this work is promoted by rather a modern medical and diagnostic base of the Regional children’s hospital, attraction of a wide range of doctors, clinical interns and students of the Faculty of Medicine.

Contact information:

Phone: 8-(8422) 44-09-34


Appointment hours of the department chair: Monday from 12:00 to 13:00