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> Department of Oncology and Radiodiagnostics

Main activities of the department:

training of senior students for bases of radiodiagnostics, radiation therapy and oncology:

general medicine (060101)

qualification (degree) specialist, the term of training is 6years. State standard in general medicine

pediatrics (060103)

qualification (degree) specialist, the term of training is 6years. State standard in Pediatrics

instruction of interns and clinical interns in Xray radiology, radiology, oncology;

development and introduction of promising methods of diagnostics and treatment of oncological patients into practice according to the contemporary international standards together with doctors of the Regional clinical oncological hospital.

The sphere of scientific interests is based in the field of search of optimum programs of palliative treatment of patients with metastases in bones, a problem of chemo and radiotherapy of patients with tumors of the head and neck, lung, rectum, uterine cervix, brain in a combination with methods of radio modification and radio protection.

The history of the department of oncology and radiodiagnosis is inseparably linked with the name of its first chair professor Modnikov Oleg Pavlovich. Beginning of the 1990-s In those first years difficult for the formation of the Faculty of Medicine at our university the idea of establishing the department capable of teaching the bases of radiodiagnosis and radiation therapy, and also such special clinical discipline as oncology was more than important. A high quality expert was needed capable of running the department and organizing educational process and, whenever possible, scientific work.

But we were unusually lucky that such a person responded and agreed to arrive in Ulyanovsk.

modnikov.jpgModnikov Oleg Pavlovich. Professor, subsequently an academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, before arrival to Ulyanovsk was the deputy director for research at the Institute of oncology and radiology, the largest center in Kyrgyzstan,. After collapse of the USSR this scientist famous around the world was compelled to leave Bishkek and though some large centers of Russia would be glad to see him as a staff member, Oleg Pavlovich opted for a newly established institution of higher education in Ulyanovsk.

In 1994the department of radiodiagnosis, radiation therapy and oncology was founded it was called like that at that time, and Oleg Pavlovich became its first chair. The Ulyanovsk regional oncological clinic where the department was set up, gave some rooms for classes of 4year and 5year students to university and the educational process began.

R.Kh.Musina, M. M. Aliyev, D.I.Tomnikovsky, V. V. Rodionov, O. D. Aliyeva were one of the very first teachers of the department, except professor Modnikov. Classes were conducted at the oncology dispensary (ultrasonic diagnostics, radiation therapy, oncology) and regional hospital No. 1(radiology, MRT diagnostics, computer tomography); all available opportunities to show the diagnostic and medical equipment to students, to provide cure of patients were used. In 1997the first graduates of the Faculty of Medicine who wished to continue their training in programs of oncology, radiodiagnostics and radiation therapy, were enrolled in clinical internship programs; there was a possibility to offer internship training on radiodiagnostics. Oleg Pavlovich supervised not only an educational process carried out by the department, but a medical and diagnostic process in the Ulyanovsk regional oncological clinic that gained the status of a clinical institution during his work. Doctors and teachers of the department, clinical interns very actively got engaged in research. The main scientific area of the department was the problem of optimization of methods of palliative treatment of oncological patients. Thanks to Oleg Modnikov's efforts, one of the Russia's first hospices were founded in Ulyanovsk; the delegation from Ulyanovsk headed by Vice Rector of USU T.Z.Biktimirov visited London to have practical training on problems of the palliative medicine development. In 1999the thesis defense of the first postgraduate student of the department, O.P.Modnikov’s disciple, V. V. Rodionov took place with great success. After first signs others followed, the number of postgraduate students and competitors of the department who defended their dissertations increased annually: 2000 M. G. Sharafutdinov, E.T.Rakhmatullina, I.E.Khaliullov; 2001 N. V. Dengina, L.R.Zaripov; 2002 S. V. Panchenko, M. A. Sagidov, O. V. Shabalin, E.S.Glebova; 2003 L. A. Danilova, 2005 A. V. Suyetin, 2006 S. V. Gorodnov and A. V. Zhinov.

In 2000the ranking system was introduced for the first time among USU academic departments, and our department was recognized as the best. Scientific work was actively conducted, under the guidance and constant supervision of professor Modnikov new methods of treatment of oncological patients were developed and took root, a large number of scientific articles and theses were published in Russia and abroad. Poster reports were presented at the 2nd congress Researches in palliative medicine in France in 2000 (T.Z Biktimirov, O.P.Modnikov), at the 18th international oncological congress of UICC in Oslo, Norway, in 2002(N. V. Dengina, E.S.Glebova).

However in the heyday of creative powers, suddenly, life of the permanent head of chair closed on September 29, 2003professor Modnikov died.

Nevertheless, the department continued its work. From 2003to 2008it was headed by Candidate of Medical Science, associate professor R.Kh.Musina, and from 2008to the present MD, professor Valery Vitalyevich Rodionov. Teachers of the department defended two doctoral dissertations (in 2008 V. V. Rodionov, in 2010 I. I. Antoneyeva); the department provides training for interns and clinical interns, many of them become doctors of the leading medical institutions of the city.

Since 2004, the staff of the department is directly involved in the organization and holding the Russian scientific and practical conference Modnikov’s Readings, annually scientific symposia, conferences and congresses are attended both in Russia, and abroad.


Head of the department, PhD in Medicine., associate professor,

Sharafutdinov Marat Gakifovich

Appointment hours: Friday from 15:00 to 16:00

Regional State Healthcare Institution, the oncological clinic

90, 12th of September St. (policlinic, lecture room 301)


Phone: ☎️ 8(8422) 322108

E-mail: 📧 kafedra_onko@mail.ru