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> Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

trubnik.jpgDepartment chair Trubnikova Larisa Ignatyevna, doctor of medical sciences, professor, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Honorary doctor of Tajikistan, Honoured worker of the higher school of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Association of obstetricians-gynecologists in the Ulyanovsk region, President of the Ulyanovsk office of the Russian Association of Family planning.

Instruction of obstetrics and gynecology as high school disciplines in Ulyanovsk was for the first time initiated in 1993at the faculty of Medicine when the university was a subsidiary of Moscow State University. The first students were interns, obstetricians-gynecologists, the first teachers professor L. I. Trubnikova and associate professor V. S Trubnikov.

At the beginning the staff of the department was formed with staff members of the department of valueology under the guidance of professor V. A. Semyonov, and in 1993by order No. 368of October 25the department of obstetrics, gynecology and pediatrics was opened, prof. L. I. Trubnikova was appointed chair. The department was composed of associate professor V. S. Trubnikov, senior lecturer N. V. Voznesenskaya, MDA. I. Kuselman, associate professor R. Sh. Azizova at that time. Recruitment of the staff capable of training students on a uniform methodical system was the main objective when establishing the department.

In 1994the first students came to lecture and department classrooms located in the Ulyanovsk regional hospital No. 1 and maternity hospital of UAZ, city children's hospital. Systematic training of students in disciplines "obstetrics and gynecology" and pediatrics in medical care began. In the process of an academic load enhancement at the department new staff members were accepted, facilities were expanded, material resources of the department became strengthened.

In 1994by the order of the Rector two independent departments were established obstetrics and gynecology and pediatrics. The department of obstetrics and gynecology was staffed with two regular teachers senior lecturer, candidate of Medical Science. F. A. Izmaylova, senior lecturer, candidate of Medical Sciences T.Yu. Kornilova and L.G. Miller, senior laboratory assistant Irina Lezina and head of the office N. I. Navozova. In 1996 V.D. Tadzhiyeva, in 1998 L. A. Pak were taken on. From 2000the structure of the department began to be staffed with the employees who had completed postgraduate courses and defended theses at the department M. L. Albutova, T.V. Kuznetsov, V. V. Chivilgin, M. A. Iglin, in 2012 N. Yu. Tikhonova.

Working at the department staff members improve their professional, pedagogical skills, participate in research of urgent problems of obstetrics and gynecology. Now the teaching staff of the department includes 7regular teachers:

Department chair, MD, professor Larisa Ignatyevna Trubnikova

1. associate professor, candidates of Medical Science, Faina Amirovna Izmaylova

2. associate professor, candidates of Medical Science, Nadezhda Vadimovna Voznesenskaya

3. associate professor, candidates of Medical Science, Volida Dododzhanovna Tadzhiyeva

4. associate professor, candidates of Medical Science, Tatyna Yurievna Kornilova

5. associate professor, candidates of Medical Science, Marina Leonidovna Albutova

6. associate professor, Candidates of Medical Science. Nina Yurevna Tikhonova

and 6part-time workers:

1. Vera Vladimirovna Chivilgina, candidate of Medical Science, deputy chief physician of Ministry of Emergency Situations hospital

2. Irina Viktorovna Gordeeva, Healthcare Committee consultant

3. Lilia Vasilyevna Shabayeva, deputy chief physician of City hospital No. 1

4. Valentina Nikolaevna Rodionova, gynecology department manager of Ministry of Emergency Situations hospital

The department staff intensively worked to improve educational facilities. Now teaching is conducted in 5maternity departments and units: at Ulyanovsk regional hospital, UAZ hospital, city clinical hospital No. 1, hospital of the first medical aid, at 3female counseling centers, JSC center Academy", medical center Litikom. In these medical institutions the department has 7educational rooms equipped adequately with manuals. Clinical facilities have necessary divisions and the equipment conforming to modern requirements of educational, scientific and medical process to gain profound theoretical knowledge and practical skills in disciplines of the department by students, interns and residents. Traditionally the department uses the principle of involving highly qualified doctors of key institutions in training of specialists, and also in conducting research, of introducing the achievements of medical science into daily practice of obstetrical and gynecologic institutions.

The department is the center for training obstetricians-gynecologists for medical institutions of the region and qualified research and teaching personnel. Through the internship programs 76, through residency programs 120 obstetricians-gynecologists were prepared, including 5interns from foreign countries. Now 11residents, 5 interns are trained. Under the guidance of the department chair, seven theses were defended, now one full-time postgraduate student is taking a post-graduate course at the department, two doctoral dissertations are pursued in the form of competition. Additional education of doctors of obstetricians-gynecologists is conducted: internship and clinical internship.

Contact information:

Address: 7, The 3 International St., room 4, maternity unit of the Regional hospital

E-mail: kafaig@mail.ru

Secretary phone: 30-0477,

Professor’s office: 30-04-15

Work schedule of professor Trubnikova L.I.:

Monday-Saturday: from 8.30 to 15.00, at the Regional hospital (on Wednesdays in City’s hospital No. 1).

Lunch break: from 12.30 to 13.00


Staff members of the department