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> Department of Neurology, Neurosurgery, Physical Therapy and Physiotherapy Exercises

mashin.jpgThe head of the department-  MD, professor,  Mashin Victor Vladimirovich.

The department was founded according to  order No. 483 at Ulyanovsk State University of June 3, 2005 «About the reorganization of the department of medical psychology, neurology and psychiatry at the USU Faculty of Medicine». MD, professor, a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Midlenko V.I. is in charge of the course of neurosurgery  and associate professor Kulikova T.K. is in charge of the course of physical therapy and physiotherapy exercises.

Instruction  is carried out at the department  on the following disciplines for senior students of the USU Institute of Medicine, Ecology and Physical Culture:

• Neurology with medical genetics.

• Physical therapy and physiotherapy exercises

• Neurosurgery


List of the main disciplines and specialization courses:

    1. Neurology, medical genetics  

    2. Neurosurgery

    3. General physical therapy

    4. Medical rehabilitation  

    5. Exercise therapy and medical control

    6. Rehabilitology

Clinical bases of the department:

Public Healthcare Institution, clinical hospital of the Ministry for Emergency Situations, the department for patients with  cerebral circulation abnormalities (address: 12, Likhachev St.,)

The department for patients  with special cerebral circulation abnormalities  (address: 19a,  Ryabikov St.,)

Children's city clinical hospital No. 1, the department of neurosurgery (address: 4, Surov St.  )

Public Healthcare Institution, Ulyanovsky regional clinical center of specialized types of medical care, building 3, the department of physical therapy (address: 28, Karyukin St.,)

The department offers post-degree education in clinical residency programs, clinical internship programs and certified cycles of professional development for doctors of the corresponding specialties.

The department sponsors monthly workshops for neurologists, therapists and cardiologists on important problems of vascular neurology, prevention and rehabilitation of neurologic patients.


Contact information: 12, Likhachev St., Ulyanovsk, therapy building, 2nd floor. 

Phone: 8 (8422) 45-45-52 

E-mail: vvmashin@yandex.ru


 Appointment hours of the head of the department: Monday, from 12.00 to 14.00