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> Department of Morphology

slesareva.jpgSlesareva Elena Vasilyevna – the chairperson of the  department of morphology,  associate professor, doctor of medical sciences

The department of morphology provides instruction for junior and senior students of the Faculty of Medicine  majoring in  «General Medicine «, »Pediatrics». The following disciplines are taught:

- «Histology, embryology, cytology»

- «Histology of children's age»

- «Embryonic bases of tissue development of an organism»

- «Pathological anatomy. Clinical pathological anatomy»

- «Forensic medicine»

- «A section course».

Teaching is also provided in «General pathology with teratology fundamentals» and «Pathologic morphology» for students studying on the programs «Adaptive Physical Culture» at the  Faculty of Physical Culture and Rehabilitation.

   Addresses of educational facilities: 

"Histology, embryology, cytology", «Histology of children's age, «Embryonic bases of development of fabrics of an organism» — 2/1, Architect Livchak St., (former  K. Libknekht St., 1), rooms 115, 114. 

»Pathological anatomy. Clinical pathological anatomy" — 7, the III International St., (the building of the pathoanatomical department Public Healthcare Institution, Ulyanovsk regional hospital No. 1).

 «Section course» — 7, the III International St., (the building of the pathoanatomical department,  Public Healthcare Institution,  Ulyanovsk regional hospital No. 1).

"Forensic medicine" — 4, Surov St.,  (Regional bureau of  forensic medical examination). 

On July 14, 2003 according to the Rector’s order  No. 474 the department of morphology was founded  by reorganization of the department of anatomy and pathological anatomy and the department of  general biology and histology from which the morphological disciplines – «Histology, embryology, cytology», «Pathological anatomy» and «Forensic medicine» were separated.  The newly formed department was headed by doctor of medical sciences, professor Tatyana Yakovlevna Tararak. The course "Histology, Embryology, Cytology" was headed by the candidate of medical sciences, associate professor Vladimir Ilyich Arav working at the Faculty of Medicine from the date of its foundation. The course «Forensic medicine» was supervised by  doctor of medical sciences, professor Mikhail Aleksandrovich Makarov under his guidance instruction of forensic medicine to students of the USU Faculty of Medicine was organized.

Staff of the department renders diagnostic assistance in carrying out morphological researches to the colleagues of other departments of the institute and to doctors of  health care institutions (Slesareva E.V., Rostovschikov  A. S., Makarov V. M.). So far at the department the following  scientific schools have been formed:

1. «Morphofunctional system of man's gonads in abnormality of nervous and epiphisial regulation» (the head — candidates of medical sciences, associate professor E.V. Slesareva).

2. «Morphofunctional bases of adaptation and disadaptation of the organism to  hypoxia of various genesis» (the head — MD, professor T. Ya. Tararak).

3. «An expert assessment of suicides» (the head — MD, professor V. M. Makarov).

Now the department runs 2 scientific student circles in the course «Histology, Embryology, Cytology» — the head, candidate of biology, associate professor O. F. Denisova, and in the course «Pathological Anatomy» — the head, candidates of medical science., associate professor A.S. Rostovshchikov. Students participate in experiments, master methods of morphological material processing, learn to assess morphological changes. Students annually participate in conferences of various rank — Russian and international, take part in the All-Russian competition of scientific student works.

For the  years of the department existence the staff members have published  more than 400 works in the publishing houses of the Russian Federation and abroad, including 3 monographs. More than 50 methodical manuals and textbooks for students were published.

For long-term fruitful work of the staff the department  is marked with USU diplomas and the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. Honorary titles «Labour veteran» and the badges  «Honoured Worker of  Higher and Secondary Education» were awarded to  associate professor Arava V. I., Denisova O. F., associate professor Rostovshchikov A.S. The staff of the department  conducted a great deal of  public activity. From 1998 to 2011  O. F. Denisova was the scientific secretary of Academic Council at the Institute of Medicine. E.V.Slesareva is the deputy dean of the Faculty of Medicine for scientific work, the secretary of the Scientific coordination council, a member of Academic Council of the Institute of Medicine, Ecology and Physical Culture.


Appointment hours: Monday from 12.40 to 15.00, room 115a (weekly).