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> Department of Medical psychology, Psycho-neurology and Psychiatry

sabitov.jpgThe department chair candidate of medical sciences, associate professor Sabitov Ildar Anberovich

Clinical bases of the department are:

1) Public Healthcare Institution Ulyanovsk Regional Clinical Hospital, the neurologic department. Phone: (8422) 32-0668, 32-12-12

2) Public Healthcare Institution Regional Clinical Lunatic Asylum of N. M. Karamzin. Phone: (8422) 35-21-78

3) The center of psychology and pedagogical rehabilitation and reforming of the minors abusing drugs and other substances. Phone: (8422) 48-1613, 45-8710.

The department foundation officially was approved by the order on university only in 1993, namely on October 23. Biktimirov T.Z. became the first head of the department of medical psychology, neurology and psychiatry, having determined for many years tactics and strategy of development of scientific psycho-neurology in the Ulyanovsk region. Managing the department he held at the same time a post of the first Vice Rector, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs of USU (since 1995).

In 1993candidate of psychological sciences Khramov Evgeny Vladimirovich for the purpose of teaching a block of psychological disciplines (general, medical, differential psychology) was invited to work at the department. Associate professor Semenikhin D. G was offered to teach psychiatry, narcology, psychotherapy and the block of neurology with medical genetics to associate professor Mashin V. V. The head of the department Biktimirov T.Z., gave courses of lectures on medical psychology, neuropsychology, medical bioethics. The staff structure of department of medical psychology, neurology and psychiatry in 2000changed due to the fact that Khramov E.V. moved to Moscow his position was taken by candidate of psychological sciences Piskunova Elena Yurevna (from 2000 to 2002) who got additional education on clinical psychology at the St. Petersburg psycho-neurological institute named after V. M. Bekhterev. During this period the staff of the department of psychology from the USU Faculty of Humanities and Social Technologies candidates of psychological sciences Borodulina Natalya Filippovna, Zinurova Rimma Rifkatovna, Yefimova Olga Ilyinichna were invited to teach the block of psychological disciplines.

In 2001a neurologist of the Central clinical medical and sanitary activity Belova Lyudmila Anatolyevna who by this time was trained in the correspondence postgraduate study was invited to the department (to the department of medical psychology, neurology and psychiatry of USU). She finished the postgraduate course ahead of the schedule, having defended her thesis in 2002. To staff the department with practicing experts a job was offered to candidate of psychological sciences, the head of laboratory of clinical psychology of Ulyanovsk regional lunatic asylum No. 1named after N. M. Karamzin Yarzutkin Sergey Valentinovich (in 2002).

In 2002the department was staffed with the patriarch of Ulyanovsk neurology, doctor of higher category, honored doctor of the Russian Federation, adjunct professor Furashova Elizaveta Alekseyevna. Her rich experience is now used for training doctors-residents of the department on neurology.

Sabitov Ildar Anberovich, a leading neuropsychiatrist of the railway hospital of Ulyanovsk who finished his postgraduate study at the department in 2003and successfully defended his thesis at the Saint-Petersburg psycho-neurological institute named after V. M. Bekhterev and was invited to teach special courses at the USU Faculty of Medicine.

It should be noted that the continuity principle is observed in training specialists for the purpose of personnel retention at the department due to the support of the most talented students of the Faculty of Medicine (scientific student circle clinical internship postgraduate study work as a staff member at the department). Through this chain passed former students of the Faculty of Medicine who became as a result regular teachers of the department. So in 20032004under the guidance of Biktimirov T.Z. Tukhtarova Irina Vladimirovna, Sabitov Ildar Anberovich, Pavlova Yulia Mikhaelovna and Gunbin Yury Gennadevich defended their theses (since 2001 part-time workers, since 2002 the regular staff members of the department).

For the years of its existence, more than 100interns and interns, and also 20graduate students were trained at the department of medical psychology, neurology and psychiatry in postgraduate courses (on the programs Nervous Diseases, Psychiatry and Medical Psychology) many of who defended their theses ahead of schedule.

In 2003Victor Vladimirovich Mashin defended his doctoral dissertation, and Alexander Ilyich Midlenko in 2006.

In 2005the department of medical psychology, neurology and psychiatry was transformed by the order of USU Rector into the department of medical psychology, psychoneurology and psychiatry under the guidance of T.Z. Biktimirov and department of neurology, neurosurgery with a course of physical therapy and physiotherapy exercises under the guidance of V. V. Mashin.

The educational process organized for the purposes of training specialists with classical university education includes a wide range of natural-science and humanitarian disciplines, allows to provide a fundamental education and high educational standards. The department managed to keep the principle of a psycho-neurological paradigm in medical education, by inclusion of a large number of subjects obligatory for training, of a psychological, neurologic, psychiatric and psychotherapeutic profile for medical students. The following disciplines which mostly are taught at the medical faculty by the department staff members:

Psychiatry and narcology

Clinical (medical) psychology

Psychotherapy, psycho-reforming

Psychology (general, differential): for the specialties nursing care and general hospital,

Psychology and pedagogics


Somatic psychology

Pathological psychology

Psychology of an illness and disability

Psychology in professional activity

Age psychopathology and psycho-consultation


Within the comprehensive interdisciplinary scientific program of the department for 20052015Holistic model of psychological and mental health. Bio-psycho-ethnocultural paradigms of diagnostics, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation research projects are being conducted at the moment in the areas:

medical and biological, psychosocial technologies of preventing addiction. Project managers I.A. Sabitov, S. V. Deryabina, Yu.M. Pavlova.

fundamental clinic-psychological mechanisms of the minimum brain dysfunction (MBD) as a universal model of etiopathogenesis and clinic of psychosomatic frustration and diseases. Collaborators I. A. Sabitov, Yu.M. Pavlova, M. V. Vdovina.

psychology of medical process in clinical medicine. Executive members I.A. Sabitov, S. V. Yarzutkin, M. A. Albert.

The staff of the department actively participates in the scientific and pedagogical activity supported by the Russian humanitarian scientific fund, and also the Government of the Ulyanovsk region.

Biktimirov Tofik Ziyatdinovich, the head of the department suddenly died after a short illness on April 17, 2011which became a bereavement for the department staff

The teacher’s cause, mentor’s, research advisor’s was continued by candidates of medical sciences Sabitov I.A., Yarzutkin S.V., Pavlov Yu.M., Revenkova Yu.M., Albert M. A., and also graduate students Deryabina S.V., Vdovina M. E., Mustafin E.N., Balakshina V.A., Dudina E.V.

The publication of more than 650scientific works, manuals, monographs and articles of medical psychology dedicated to important problems, psycho-neurology and psychiatry serves as a result of creative and fruitful work of the three generations of the department staff.

Contact information:

9, Polbin St., Ulyanovsk

Phone: (8422)32-06-68)

Appointment hours: Thursday from 13.00 to 15.00 at the department of medical psychology, psycho-neurology and psychiatry (Public Healthcare Institution -Ulyanovsk Regional Clinical Hospital, the neurologic department)

E-mail: kmp@ulsu.ru, ildoc@mail.ru