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> Department of Hospital Therapy

The department of hospital therapy was founded in 1995in the course of reorganization of the department of internal diseases headed by professor V.A. Semyonov. From the department of internal diseases to a newly organized department were transferred: professor I.G. Pashchenko, associate professors M.P. Rubanova and N. N. Pashchenko. At a meeting of the USU Academic Council through the procedure of competition professor I.G. Pashchenko was elected head of the department of hospital therapy.

In 19951996 academic year professor I.G. Pashchenko, associate professors M.P. Rubanova and N. N. Pashchenko were regular teachers of the department. To give lectures on separate subjects and carry out practical training with students part-time workers from highly skilled practical doctors having the highest medical category were attracted: V. P. Mukhorin, I.B. Vinogradova, M. B. Bibersova. In the next years new staff members of the department were taken on: professor G. V. Gracheva, associate professor A.A. Romanov, senior lecturers L.I. Abdusalyamova, O. N. Ragozin, A.B. Peskov, professor A.M. Shutov, associate professors M. A. Vize-Khripunova, K.Yu. Krivonkin. Doctors of practical health care were engaged in the instruction process for students, clinical interns and residents: N. N. Klimova, N. I. Pogodin, L.A. Besov, I.N. Bulygin, V.A. Shachnev, E.N. Bukina, N. S. Balashova, I.G. Nesterova, E.V. Borisanova.

Since 1995 and so far the main clinical base of the department has been the Ulyanovsk regional clinical hospital incorporating 7specialized therapeutic units. Except the regional hospital, city policlinic No. 1named after S. M. Kirov is used (polyclinic therapy course, person in charge of the course associate professor N. N. Pashchenko).

Since the date of the foundation the department has taken part in instruction of more than 1000 doctors. About 320graduates of the USU medical faculty took training course in clinical internship and residency.

In 1998the graduate school in internal diseases and gastroenterology was opened at the department. During this time graduate students completed and defended 7theses (Usmanov Sh. S., Kondratyeva N. I., Akhmetov I.I., Buliyeva R. H., Kulikov V. E., Bogdanov O. M., Markovtsev M. V.) and 2doctoral dissertations (Rubanova M.P., Ragozin O. N.). More than 700 scientific works in publishing houses of the Russian Federation and abroad have been published for all years of the department existence. More than 50 educational and methodical manuals and textbooks have been published typographically.

The department of hospital therapy is located at the Ulyanovsk regional clinical hospital incorporating 7specialized therapeutic departments. Except the regional hospital, as a clinical facility of city policlinic No. 1named after S. M. Kirov (a course of polyclinic therapy) is used.

At the department of hospital therapy training of 6year students and also clinical interns, residents, doctors-trainees is provided. Postgraduate courses are offered by the department in internal diseases and gastroenterology.

vize.jpgDepartment chair candidate of Medical sciences,

associate professor Vize-Khripunova Marina Anatolyevna

Appointment hours of the department chair on personal matters: Wednesday 13.3015.00

Contact information:

Address: 7, III International St., building 6

Phone: (8422) 32- 85- 82.

E-mail: hospitalterapy73@ya.ru