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> Faculty of Medicine named after T. Z. Biktimirov

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine − doctor of medical sciences, professor Belova Lyudmila Anatolyevna


The Faculty of Medicine has been operating in the structure of university since 1991. The dean-founder, the first dean of the faculty (1991-1995) was candidate of Medical Science, associate professor Tofik Ziyatdinovich Biktimirov. Professor Larisa Ignatyevna Trubnikova was in charge of the faculty from 1995to 2001. From 2001to 2014the faculty was headed by MD Vasily Ivanovich Gorbunov. In September, 2014MD Valery Viktorovich Gnoyevykh became the dean of the faculty. In September 2017Belova Lyudmila Anatolyevna was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Medicine.

In 2011by the decision of the USU Academic Council the name T.Z.Biktimirov was given to the medical faculty

There are 17departments at the faculty:

Department of obstetrics and gynecology

Department of human anatomy

Department of hospital therapy

Department of hospital surgery, anesthesiology, resuscitation, urology, traumatology and orthopedics

Department of infectious and dermatovenereal diseases

Department of oncology and radiodiagnostics

Department of medical psychology, psychoneurology and psychiatry

Department of neurology, neurosurgery, physical therapy and physiotherapy exercises

Department of morphology

Department of public health and health care

Department of faculty surgery

Department of the general and operational surgery with topographical anatomy and a course of stomatology

Department of pediatrics

Department of propaedeutics of internal diseases

Department of therapy and professional diseases

Department of faculty therapy

Department of physiology and pathophysiology

The main areas of education at the medical faculty are:

therapy (060101)

qualification (degree) specialist, the term of training is 6years.

pediatrics (060103)

qualification (degree) specialist, the term of training is 6years.

32doctors of science work at the faculty (16 professors), 69candidates of science (54 associate professors), 5scientists of the faculty are elected full members of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Among the teachers of the faculty are 5Honored doctors of the Russian Federation, 2 Honoured workers of the higher school, 8Honoured workers of higher education. 1200students, including 58foreign are trained at the faculty. To train doctors the library has about 100000 volumes, 2computer classes, a vivarium, the center of telemedicine are used. Clinical preparation is conducted on 13clinical bases. 7075 graduate students are annually trained at the faculty. 52 candidate and 12doctoral dissertations have been defended only over the last 5years. There is the dissertation council for doctor's theses (14.00.05 internal diseases; 14.00.27. surgery; 14.00.15. pathological anatomy).

The faculty has contacts with medical universities and academies of the cities of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk and others. There are ties with scientific centers of the Russian academy of medical sciences, medical schools of the CIS.

img_9965-300.jpgContacts have been established with the World Health Organization, the Foundation of the population of the UN, the European association of palliative treatment, radiologists and oncologists, the medical faculty of the State of Kansas (Kansas City, the USA), St. Christopher's (Great Britain) hospice, the International organization Helsprom (Great Britain), University of the state of Oklahoma City (USA), the University of London, University of Wales, etc. Scientists of the faculty frequently represented domestic science at large international congresses in England, Switzerland, Turkey, France, the USA, Austria, Germany, Romania, Italy, Canada, Israel and other countries.

Contact information:

Address: 432063, Ulyanovsk, 2/1 Architect Livchak St.,

Phones: (8422) 32-7323, ph./fax: (8422) 32-0827

E-mail: mf@ulsu.ru

Working hours of the dean's office:

Monday - Thursday 8.0017.00

Friday 8.0016.30

Reception of visitors (issue of references):

Tuesday-Friday 14.0017.00

Saturday 9.0012.00

Appointment hours of the dean:

Monday 16.00 18.00