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> Russian-German Faculty

Dean Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Larissa R. Radchenko


The Russian-German Faculty was established in 1999, as a joint educational structure of Ulyanovsk State University and Universität Duisburg-Essen (Germany). The main concept of RGF educational programs is the training of highly qualified specialists according to the traditions of classical university education of Russia and Germany. The program is carried out in two stages. The first three years students are trained at USU where they learn the German and English languages, have additional training in special subjects then training is provided at universities of the cities of Duisburg, Osnabryuk, Furtvangen, Krefeld (Germany).

Duration of training depends on the program chosen by the student. Graduates of the Russian-German faculty gain diplomas of the state standard of the Russian Federation and Germany.

German Ambassador visits USU
Ambassador's talk with RGF students
USU delegation at Niederrhein University
Russian-German workshop in Germany

Today, 78full-time and 26part-time students are enrolled in the faculty programs.

Classes at the Russian-German faculty are given by the best professors, associate professors and teachers of Ulyanovsk State University.

Also leading scholars of universities of Russia and Germany are invited to give lectures on special courses in German, among them prof. Paffenkholts (Duisburg university Essen, management), Dr. Novak (Duisburg university Essen, Duisburg, physics), prof. Izhutkin (Mari state university, applied mathematics), Dr. Becker (University Goettingen, regional geography), professor M. Wenke (Niederrhein University, economics).

Educational programs of RGF provide trips of students for practical training and summer programs at universities of Germany. The scope of the RGF interests is spread on the following areas:

  • Applied Mathematics and Information Science (bachelor degree)
  • Management (bachelor degree in International Business Management)

In 2002the Russian-German faculty got two new partners the University of applied sciences of Furtvangen and University of Osnabryuk. Educational programs of the Russian-German faculty provide various forms of education.

In 2006, the agreement was signed with Niederrhein University.

Full-time students can earn bachelor degrees in areas such as:

  • Applied Mathematics and Information Science (bachelor and master degree in Germany)
  • Management (bachelor degree)

The total duration of the Management program is 4 years (including internship at the Fachhochschule Furtwangen (Germany), Universität Osnabrück (Germany) or Krefeld).

After graduation you can continue study for a master's degree at Ulyanovsk State University.

Paid Education. Upon admission, the knowledge of German is not required. Study in Germany for free, you only need to pay for accommodation. The best students can get a scholarship, covering all costs, including accommodation. The student also can individually seek the financial support in the DAAD.

In 2011the first student enrollment for the bachelor degree program in International Business Management was implemented.

Contact information:

Address: Sviyaga River Embankment St., building 1, room 432a
432063, Ulyanovsk,

Phone/fax: (8422)37-24-70

E-mail: rudi@sv.ulsu.ru

Working hours:

Appointment hours of the dean Monday from 11.00 to 15.00,

Tuesday from 10.00 to 15.00, Thursday from 11.00 to 15.00.

Working hours of the dean's office daily from 9.00 to 17.30

Lunch break: from 12.00 to 12.30

German Ambassador visits USU