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> Department of General and German Linguistics

The department chair Doctor of Philology, professor, ANRT corresponding member,

Fefilov Alexander Ivanovich


Six regular teachers work at the department of General and German Linguistics, Faculty of Linguistics, Intercultural Relations and Professional Communication. Among them: 1doctor of Philology, professor, 2candidates of philological sciences, 2 candidates of pedagogical sciences, 4associate professors, 1senior teacher. Among regular teachers 4persons have academic titles.

At the moment instruction is provided in the programs: bachelor degree 035700Linguistics and specialty degree 035701 Translation and theory of translation

Two research areas are developed at the department:

1. Important problems of the theory of language and translation.

2. Intercultural communication and language education.

The school of morphotemic analysis successfully functions under the guidance of A. I. Fefilov . On the basis of the concept of morphotemic analysis of speech and language units 13 master's theses were defended in program 10.02.19 Theory of language (N. S. Sharafutdinova, M. I. Vakhrushev, Z.M. Tsunanova, Yu.A. Lobin, A. V. Rokhlin, G. A. Psareva, N. V. Gridina, N. F. Murtazina, T. V. Igoshina, S. N. Churkin, L.V. Stakhova, L. A. Rokhlina, E.A.Blinova).

Teachers of the department are in charge of the activity of scientific student circles:

1. The circle on cogitology (scientific advisor prof. Fefilov A.I.)

The department of General and German Linguistics offers graduate courses on two programs:

10.02.19 Theory of language

10.02.04 German languages

Appointment hours of the department chair: Tuesday, Thursday from 10.00 to 14.00

Tel: 8(8422) 37-2467, internal phone number 361