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> Department of German and French

radch.jpgThe department chair PhD in Pedagogy, associate professor, Larisa Rafaelyevna Radchenko.

In 1992the department of German and French was founded on basis of the department of foreign languages. Till 1995 the department was a structural division of the Faculty of International cooperation which in 1996got a new name as the Faculty of Linguistics and International cooperation. In 2003a new educational structure of USU Institute of International Relations was established which was made up of the Faculty of Linguistics and International Relations, the Russian-German and Russian-American faculties, and Faculty of Foreign languages and Professional communication. The latter was founded in 2004. 4departments function in its structure: department of English for Natural sciences, department of English for humanities, department of German and French and department of Linguistics, country studies and communication. In 2014the department of German and French was incorporated again in the newly formed Faculty of Linguistics and International cooperation and professional communication.

Main philosophy of educational programs of the department of German and French is the training of highly qualified specialists in various professions. The purpose of the study course is to ensure active mastering of a foreign language by students of the university as a means of formation and formulation of thoughts in the field of daily communication and in the field of their chosen specialty.

Educational programs of the department of German and French provide full time, part time and night forms of education. Now at the department of German and French there are 600full-time students (studying German 500, studying French 100) and 100night and part time students (studying German 70, studying French 30).

Classes in German and French are conducted at all faculties of the university: Faculty of Humanities and Social technologies, Engineering and Physical Faculty of high tech solutions, Faculty of Mathematics and Information technologies, Economics, Ecology, Medicine, Faculty of Physical Education and Rehabilitation, Law, Customs, Faculty of Culture and Art, Faculty of Transfer specialties.

Students have an opportunity to earn qualifications of bachelor’s or specialist’s degrees and also master’s degree in the programs of training "physicist", info-communication technologies and communication systems, public and municipal administration, "management", philology.

Two PhDs work at the deparment: Radchenko L.R., Punik I.A., 2senior teachers. 1teacher is a graduate student. Teachers of the department regularly take part in scientific internships in Russia, take advanced training courses. In April 2018, teachers of the department took part in the professional development seminar of the German Academic Exchange Service “Learning phonetics in German lessons for non-linguistic students”.

Every year, teachers of the department hold, together with students, scientific and practical student conferences on topical issues of our time in foreign languages. In April-May 2018, students from the Faculty of Law give presentations in the session “Legal Gemany and Legal Russia” (headed by Associate Professor L. Radchenko), the Faculty of Economics was represented in the session “Outstanding Personalities of Germany” (headed by N. Andreyeva), Faculty of Humanities sessions “German Theater” (head. Pimenova O.Yu.), “Art of the theater” (head. Vorobyova SG), “Topical issues in the field of management” (head. Associate Professor Punik I.A.).

Contact information:

Phone: 37-2469

Schedule of work of the department: Monday Friday 9.00 17.30

Saturday, Sunday days off