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> Department of English Linguistics and Translation

 The department chair doctor, professor Borisova Svetlana Aleksandrovna


The department of English linguistics and translation was founded on February 1, 1997at the faculty of Linguistics and International ooperation.

The department trains specialists in the programs Translation and Theory of Translation and Theory and Practice of Intercultural Communication.

The department is one of the biggest at university in a number of staff members and a share of the work load. The sphere of theoretical courses, researches, practical work is extremely wide and covers such disciplines: English history, history of literature, translation theory, practical course of translation, abstracting, literature translation, theory and practice of intercultural communication, sociolinguistics, semiotics, theory of grammar, English stylistics, lexicology, practical course and practical work of speech communication of English, professional foreign language.

Thirteen teachers, including 1doctor of Philology, 9PhDs in Philology and PhD in Pedagogy work at the department.

Instruction of students in this program, important for the contemporary world requires a profound study of a cycle of disciplines according to the theory of language and practice of intercultural communication. For the purpose of implementing the basic principle of university education the unity of theory and practice the department uses a powerful scientific potential of the faculty members to turn the motto: "a solid theoretical foundation is necessary for practical application of applied science" into reality.

As foreign language learning is inseparably connected with the world of a learned language, with culture of the people using this language as a means of communication, teachers pay much attention to the problems of culture of the English-speaking world and intercultural communication.

In the educational and research work the faculty is working towards a combination of the theoretical lectures, researches and applied development aimed at solving the language problems arising in the course of intercultural communication.

All-Russian correspondence conference Language. Culture. Communication has been held since 2007at the department with the subsequent publication of the conference transactions.

In October, 2011 the working group was set up for developing the materials to assess and test the level of proficiency in English in the framework of the EU Project TEMPUS PROSET IV.

Also the department offers a graduate program in 10.02.12 the theory of language and Doctor of Philology, professor Borisova is the scientific advisor.

Scientific activity

  • At the department the following activity is carried out: performance evaluation of graduate students, scientific advising, discussion of graduate research projects at the department meetings and the thesis reviews of graduates and competitors are also prepared by faculty members.
  • The department sponsors seminars, scientific, educational and methodical conferences. The teaching staff participates in scientific conferences both in Russia and abroad. Educational and methodical work

Educational and methodical work

Regular drawing up and development of course programs on English for student's groups and for graduate groups.

Lecturing on Theory of English.

Preparation of examination materials. Holding of semester and state exams.

Visiting the lessons conducted by colleagues with the subsequent discussion.

Teachers of the department submit educational and methodical textbooks for publication, arrange and conduct classes at schools with which the cooperation contracts were signed.

Educational and methodical association functions at the department.

Material resources

Teachers give classes in special language and computer laboratories that have Internet connection.

Cassettes and disks with records of phonetic exercises, texts and dialogues; video and DVDmovies are also available.

Appointment hours of the department chair:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 14.0016.00

Contacts: Sviyaga river Embankment, building 1, room 410.

Phone: 8(8422) 37-2467

E-mail address: kafedr@list.ru