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> Faculty of Linguistics, Intercultural Relations and Professional Communication

Dean of the Faculty of Linguistics, International Relations and Professional Communication A.I. Fefilovfefilov.jpg

The Faculty of Linguistics and International Cooperation, formerly the Faculty of International Cooperation (FIC), was founded in 1992. In 1997The faculty was transformed into the Faculty of Linguistics and International Cooperation (FLIC). In 2014The Faculty of Linguistics, Intercultural Relations and Professional Communication (FLIRPC) was established as a new structural unit within the Institute of International Relations.

At present, the faculty is made up of 4departments:

English linguistics and translation;
General and Germanic linguistics;
English for professional activities;
German and French.

The main objective of the Faculty is to train highly qualified specialists translators in two foreign languages ​​ (English, German / French) for work in public and private institutions, whose activities are related to international cooperation.

Students of the faculty have an opportunity to take additional courses in Chinese and Italian, which are taught by native speakers. Currently, Fiona Bell (USA, Princeton, New Jersey, Fulbright program), Mario Radermacher (Germany, lecturer of DAAD), Xiao Yin Yin (China, Beijing, Inner Mongolia Pedagogical University) teach at the Faculty.

In addition, the faculty implements a unique educational program of in two areas of higher education Linguistics + Advertising and Public relations. Upon completion of training, graduates receive two state diplomas of higher education.

Students, in addition to foreign languages ​​and translation studies, study the basics of communication theory, the speech impact in advertising and public relations, telecommunications and the latest computer technologies. PR specialists can hold the position of advisers, heads of PR services, work in press centers, in marketing and advertising departments, participate in consulting, organizing various business events. A cycle of disciplines related to the study of media communications takes a special place in the educational process. The activities of such specialists involve the use of sociology, conflict resolution, personality psychology, media planning, and the special skills of a journalist, which is achieved by the inclusion of relevant disciplines in the educational program. Two diplomas increase the chances of graduates to find a prestigious job in Russian and foreign companies.

Currently, highly qualified teachers work at the faculty, including professors, doctors of Philology, associate professors, PhDs in Philology and Pedagogy. To teach a number of disciplines, leading specialists from Russian universities and foreign scientists from the USA, Germany and France are invited on a regular basis.

The educational program of USU in “Linguistics” was repeatedly awarded by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation among the best in the country, and was also one of the programs in which USU became the laureate of the All-Russian contest “100 best goods of Russia” in the nomination “Services” - for providing services of higher education.

Undergraduate programs, that provide enrolment in 2020:

“Linguistics” (profile: Translation and Translation Studies) (English, German / French) duration of study: 4years;

Admission is based on the results of the exam:

Foreign language
Russian language
Social Studies

The faculty enrolls for master's degree in the program

“Philology” (profile: Foreign languages ​​for international activities), full-time (duration of study 2years) and part-time (duration of study 2years 5months) forms of study

Entrance Exam - Foreign Language.

Additional information on admission can be obtained from the Dean of the Faculty of Linguistics, Intercultural relations and Professional communication.

Dean’s office staff:

Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs Ph.D., Associate Professor Sokolova Irina Nikolaevna

Senior Inspector of the Dean’s Office Natalya Khakhalina

Inspector of the dean’s office Pashchenko Anna Alekseevna

Hours of reception of the dean of FLIRPC: Wednesday 10.0014.00
Opening hours of the dean’s office:

Monday Thursday 09.00 17.00

Friday −09.00 16.00

Lunch break: 12.00 12.30

Issuance of certificates Tuesday, Thursday 14.00 16.00