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> Faculty of Linguistics, Intercultural Relations and Professional Communication


Dean of the faculty — Fefilov Alexander Ivanovich, professor, doctor of philological sciences 

In 1992 in the branch of Moscow State University the faculty of International cooperation was established.  Among initiators of the foundation of the faculty — the Embassy of Germany in Russia, Head administration of the USA and Canada  at the MFA of Russia, the Central bank of Russia, Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov,  the administration of the Ulyanovsk region. In 1995 in connection with changes of plans of preparation the faculty was renamed into the  faculty of linguistics and the international cooperation. FLIC  which aim was to fulfill a complex of  the tasks  connected with the training of students  of non- language specialty areas (economic, legal, humanitarian, mechanic-mathematical) on the second, additional specialty "linguistics" with the qualification conferral  and right to  get a diploma for those who learn English and German.  In 2003 FLIC became a structural division of the Institute of the International Relations (IIR). In 2014 as a result of  merging FLIC and the faculty of foreign languages and professional communication (FFLPC) the new structural division as a part of IMR — Faculty of linguistics, intercultural relations and professional communication (FLIRPC) was established. Educational process at the faculty is provided by 37 teachers, including 3 professors, doctors of philological and pedagogical sciences, 19 associate professors, candidates of philological and pedagogical sciences. Unlike foreign faculties of the pedagogical field the main attention in educational process on FLIRPC  is given not only to «knowledge of language», but also methods of «language acquisition». The main objective of the  faculty is the training of highly skilled translators for work in the public and private institutions which activity is connected with the international cooperation, and also the experts knowing not only two foreign languages, but also knowledge in such spheres of activity as «Advertizing and public relations», "Law", «Welfare service and tourism», «International relations».New prospects of employment in the translation, law firms, the organizations which are engaged in the international business and tourism in the sphere of policy and mass information open before graduates of the faculty of linguistics, intercultural relations and professional communication.  Students have practice in the public and commercial institutions, translation, law, travel companies, advertizing and PR agencies, public authorities, airlines which in the long term can become a place of work for  graduates. Graduates work as  translators,  chiefs  of external relations department  and press secretaries, and also specialists on development in government institutions of federal, regional, local levels, public organizations, mass media, advertizing and communication agencies, establishments and the organizations of political, economic, social, educational, scientific, production, service, cultural areas, etc.  The postgraduate study at the faculty on specialties 10.02.19 «The theory of language» and 10.02.04 «The German languages» is available. At present 5 people — graduates of the faculty and young teachers are doing a postgraduate course. Scientific guidance of postgraduate students is performed by the director of IIR,  department chair of  English linguistics and translation, doctor of philological sciences., prof. Borisova  S. A.,  dean of FLIRPC,  department chair of  general and German linguistics, doctor og philological sciences, prof.  Fefilov A.I., candidate of philological sciences, associate professor of the  general and German linguistics department  Fefilova A.Z.

 The training areas (bachelor degree) in which the enrollment is planned in 2015:

«Linguistics» (Translation and theory of translation)

«Linguistics» (Translation  and theory of translation), "Advertizing and public relations"

Specialties on which training is conducted now:

Translation and theory of translation (English, German, French languages)

Translation and theory of translation, Public relations

Translation and theory of translation, Welfare service and tourism

International relations

The directions of a bachelor degree in which training is conducted now:

Linguistics (Translation  and theory of translation)

Linguistics (Translation  and theory of translation), Advertising and public relations

Linguistics (Translation  and theory of translation), Law

Enrollment  is carried out by the score  of the Unified State Examination for the direction

«Linguistics» (Translation  and theory of translation):

Foreign language


History of Russia

«Linguistics» (Translation  and theory of translation)", «Advertizing and public relations»

Foreign language


History of Russia

Social science



 Admission is based on the Unified State Examination  score for the specialty

«Linguistics “ (Translation  and theory of translation):

• Foreign language

• Russian

• History of Russia

»Linguistics” (Translation and theory of translation)", «Advertizing and public relations»

• Foreign language

• Russian

•History of Russia

•Social science

Additional information on admission issues can be obtained in the  dean's office of the faculty of linguistics,intercultural relations and professional communication.


Visiting hours to the dean of FLICPC: Tuesday, Thursday — 10.00–14.00


Working hours of the dean's office:


Monday – Thursday 8.30 – 17.00

Friday 8.30 – 16.00

Lunch break: 12.00 – 12.30

Issue of certificates — Tuesday, Thursday 14.00 — 16.00   


Staff of the dean's office: 

the deputy dean for academic affairs — Haliullova Gulya  Akhmetovna

 inspectors of the dean's office — Hakhalina Natalya Aleksandrovna

                                                            Sumbayeva Galina Petrovna

                                                             Ikhsanova Aliya Anisovna


Phone of the dean's office: 8 (8422) 37-24–66, internal — 356, e-mail: flimsdekanat@mail.ru