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> Department of Economic Theory

Head of the department Doctor of Economics, professor Kapkanshchikov S.G.


Kapkanshchikov Sergey Gennadevich, born in 1954, in 1977he graduated from the Moscow institute of National Economy named after G. V. Plekhanov in Economic cybernetics. The academic degree of Candidate of Economic Sciences was awarded by the dissertation council at the Institute of Economics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in 1984. In 1993 he defended his doctor’s thesis at Moscow State University named after Lomonosov. The academic degree of Doctor of Economics was conferred on him by the decision of the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of the Russian Federation in 1994, the academic status of professor was given in 1996. At Ulyanovsk State University he has been working since 1988. Till 1997he worked as the dean of the Faculty of Economics, he was elected as director of the Institute of Economics and business of USU. The experience of pedagogical work in educational institutions of Ulyanovsk is 30 years. He gives lectures on economic theory, macroeconomics, state regulation of economy, economy of Russia. He performs scientific management of graduate students in specialty 08.00.01 Economic theory. Under his advising and guidance 8candidate’s and 1doctor’s dissertations were defended.

He has about 70scientific and educational and methodical works with total amount of over 200 pages, including 3monographs. In the Moscow publishing house Knorus two manuals of S.G. Kapkanshchikov "Macroeconomics" and State regulation of economy with a total amount of 55pages were republished which are actively used by teachers of the department in the educational process. He is a member of the Academic Council of the Institute of Economics and Business and the Academic Council of USU. Since 2000he is a member of the doctor's council at Samara State University of Economics. In 1994 S.G. Kapkanshchikov had practical training at universities of New York state in the USA on the Business and Small Business program. In 1994he was elected as a member of the Academy of Social Sciences. He is an honoured worker of higher education of the Russian Federation. By the decision of the Academic Council of USU of February 24, 2009he was elected honored professor of Ulyanovsk State University.

S.G. Kapkanshchikov has been managing the department of Economic Theory from the moment of its creation in 1989. During this time many teachers of the department went abroad to have practical training, the postgraduate school has been created, a number of the leading teachers of the department work on their doctoral dissertations. The department is fully staffed with highly qualified specialists in the field of economic theory.

The department is located at the address:, 4a, Pushkinskaya St., room 505, Ulyanovsk

Telephone (fax): (8422) 30-0521.

E-mail address: kapkan@front.ru

Appointment hours of the head of the department of economic theory Dr.Econ.Sci., professor Kapkanshchikov Sergey Gennadevich:

1 week, Thursday from 14.40 room 505(4a, Pushkinskaya str.,)

2 week, Thursday from 13.00 room 505(4a, Pushkinskaya str.,)

Working hours of manager of the department office Bautina Anna Gennadyevna:

Monday Friday, from 8.00 to 16.30

History of the department

The department of Economic Theory was established in 1989as one of the first at the faculty of economics of USU. On the basis of the department, new divisions, such as the department of world economy, department of public administration were established subsequently. Throughout a twenty-year history of the department is headed by Doctor of Economics, Honored professor of Ulyanovsk State University Kapkanshchikov Sergey Gennadevich.

Training programs

The department of economic theory conducts training in all specialties and areas of bachelor degree programs of the Institute of Economy and Business in the field of Economic Theory, Macroeconomic and Microeconomics since good knowledge of fundamental bases of the theory of market economy is likely to provide understanding of relationship of the companies and the state in modern economy. The department strives:

 to give fundamental knowledge of problems of the modern economic theory to students;

 to familiarize students with features of evolution of economic paradigms and concepts, with the main ideas of outstanding economists of last and modern stages;

 to develop abilities of the solution of economic tasks with use of modern theoretical models, to create skills of carrying out the independent analysis and search of the solution of economic problems.

Scientific activity

At the department basic and applied studies are carried out in the follwing areas:

 Problems and prospects of economic growth of the Russian economy.

 Structural policy.

 Budgetary and tax regulation of national economy.

 Investments. Financial investments. Investment business.

 Institutional bases of regulation of Russian economy.

 Problems of transformational processes in national economy.

 Microeconomic analysis of the markets. Labor market.

Teachers of the department annually hold scientific and practical conferences on problems of economic growth, structural transformations in economy.