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> Department of Digital Economy


The department provides the educational process at the Institute of Economics and Business in all programs of study in the following fields:

    modern information technologies and intelligent systems in the economy;
    modern apparatus of economic, mathematical and econometric modeling in various sectors and  industries of the economy.

The main focus of attention in the educational and scientific activities of the department is on the educational process in the bachelor’s degree program “Business Informatics” (full-time, part-time form), the “Electronic Business” major and the master's program “Economics” (part-time form), “Business analytics”. In connection with current trends and market needs, a new bachelor’s program in Digital Economics is currently being introduced into the educational process.

The department does  research work in the field of economic and mathematical methods and computational mathematics. The department offers research projects in the course “Mathematical and instrumental methods of economics”. The staff of the department carry out active scientific work in the following areas: problems of consumer demand and economic equilibrium.

    the concept of market demand as the initial object of theory and mathematical modeling;  developed methods for solving the inverse problem of the theory of consumer demand in the class of differentiable utility functions;
    a generalized model of consumer demand without the conditions of transitivity and completeness of consumer preferences, expanding the applicability of the neoclassical theory of consumer demand and economic equilibrium;

mathematical modeling of socio-economic processes; methods for constructing a new class of multifactor production functions with variable elasticity of substitution; construction of production functions depending on the used capital (cost of production assets) based on information on current investments; modeling of advertising impacts on consumers: frequency of advertising impacts, differentiation by type of impact, by area of ​​application; econometric modeling of banking.

Contact information:

Address of the department: 4a, Pushkinskaya St., room 701, Ulyanovsk

Phone: (8422) 42-61–03,

E-mail: kafedra-2004@mail.ru

Appointment hours: Monday 14:40–16:00